Educational Resources

Suicide Prevention Lesson Plan Guide: “Recognizing Warning Signs and Offering Help” This lesson plan can be used with a class or group of youth and includes optional interactive activities.

Suicide Prevention Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation This presentation can be used in conjunction with the above Lesson Plan Guide.

Middle School: Suicide Prevention Lesson Plan: “Superheroes and Purpose” This lesson plan is specifically for middle school students and to help youth create films for the Walk in Our Shoes subcategory “The Superhero in Each of Us,” covering suicide prevention.

Educational Resources and Lesson Plans. A selection of lesson plans for middle school and high school grades can be downloaded for free here.

Teaching Resilient Students and Raising Healthy Teens: Mental Health, Substance Use and Suicide Prevention Resources for Parents and Educators. Sign-up for the newsletter here.

Mental Health Thrival Kit and other resources to promote student mental health. View and download the resources here.