Monthly Prompt

September’s prompt is:Find Your Anchor.” For September’s prompt, the Directing Change Program was inspired by the Find Your Anchor non-profit. All of us benefit from an anchor, one that keeps us firmly planted, no matter what winds or storms may come. Find Your Anchor doesn’t assume itself to be the anchor or have all the answers, rather, it sets out to create a community of anchors, all with the help of some little blue boxes.

Request a Find Your Anchor box for yourself or your classroom by sending an email with the subject “Directing Change” to

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Think about what your anchor is when you are going through a tough time. How does it remind you to stay hopeful? Then express it through art, writing, music or film. You can have one anchor or many! An anchor could be a hobby or activity, a form of self-care like music, journaling or breathing, or any little thing that brings you joy, helps you cope and reminds you about your reason for living.
  • You can help spread hope to young people who are going through a tough time or thinking about suicide. If you were to get a Find Your Anchor (FYA) box for someone else, what would you add to it? How would you give it to them? Create a piece of art, film, poster or song that shows what it is like to pass along your FYA box to someone in need of support. (This can even be a digital box!)
  • Special TikTok Challenge: Create a TikTok about what your anchors are (things that bring you joy or help you cope) and what you might add to your own FYA box – either for yourself or to remind someone else about their reason for living. All TikToks that follow the guidelines receive a $20 gift card and enter to win $100 grand prize. If you post it to your personal TikTok, tag us @directingchange and include these hashtags: #suicideprevention #suicidepreventionmonth #directingchange #findyouranchor #artcontest #foryouth #takeaction4MH

Share and post the flyer at your school! Deadline to submit is September 30, 2022.

September is Suicide Prevention Month! You can take action for suicide prevention by learning the warning signs, finding the words to support a friend, or by reaching out for help. Get involved and find resources at