Monthly Prompt

Summer Challenge

Create art, narratives, and more about suicide prevention and mental health this summer. As always, all art forms welcome. Submit by: August 12th, 2024.

How will you take care of your mental health this summer?

  • Create a project that shares how you get through tough times, how you practice self care, or what you see in your life or community that gives you hope during challenging times.
  • Share how you are taking care of your mental health this summer. Create videos or art that shows specific breathing, grounding or healing activities that you use to practice healthy coping with a note for why they work for you.
  • Reflect what’s on your mind and in your heart.  Create a project about the changes that you want to see in your community. Use art to encourage actions young people can take to take a stand against injustice.

Check out our Mental Health Thrival Kit for some ideas or the Live Beyond Stress Buster Page for more tips around moving our body, eating well, practicing mindfulness, getting sleep, and more.