Walking Into Depression

Title: Walking Into Depression

“Can I go for a walk mom?” Lisa asked as she came to the kitchen where her mom was. “Yes, but be careful, okay? By the way, did you finish your homework?” Her mom responded. Everytime Lisa asked if she could go out, her mom would tell her to be careful. Lisa nodded in response and changed shoes. Lisa was a sixteen year old who loved to go out always. She would go to the park, go for walks, anything but stay home. Lisa did help her mom around the house after or before going out. Staying inside made her feel limited. Lisa was a joyful person.

As she was walking, she saw her friends and called them over. They sat on a bench nearby and decided to go to a popular cafe that was down the street. They all ordered and chatted for a bit. Lisa checked the time and told her friends that she had to go to help her mom. She waved goodbye at them and went back home.

“Hey. You’re back. How was it?” her mom asked Lisa as she opened the door for her. “I met my friends and went to the cafe to chat a bit. Do you need any help cooking?” Lisa responded as she closed the door behind her. Then she went to wash her hands. Her mom said yes and they both were cooking when Lisa’s sister, Camila, came down from her room. She was 21 years old, the total opposite of Lisa. She didn’t really like going outside much. Camila would go outdoors but only when she was bored. Sometimes she helped her mom but most of the time it was Lisa. “ What are you doing?” “Cooking. What were YOU doing?” “Some papers I had to fill out,” Camila replied. “Less chatting and come help me now.” Their mom interrupted the girls.

Camila helped them by placing the plates, spoons, and napkins on the table. Mom placed the food on the table. “I can’t imagine myself being inside the whole day without doing nothing.” Lisa said out of the blue. Her mom and sister smiled because they both knew how she loved to go out. They finished eating dinner and washed their dishes. Their mom turned on the TV and went to the news channel. Her daughters then joined her in the living room.

“There is reportedly a new virus strain circulating in several provinces in mainland China. Several people have become infected already in what looks to be a growing community outbreak. Hundreds of Chinese citizens already have been quarantined, ” the news reporter said. Lisa paid close attention to the news. She was surprised and felt sad for the people. Lisa didn’t think it was really that severe so she shrugged it off. “Wow. I can’t imagine myself being locked up at home. Just the thought of it makes me feel claustrophobic.” “Well, hopefully it doesn’t spread more, ” Camila said.

Lisa and her friends were eating school lunch while talking about quarantine because some districts were already shutting down schools. A teacher came up to them and told students that there was going to be a special announcement during their last class. They wondered what it might be, but the bell rang so they had to go back to their final classes. Lisa’s teacher was explaining the situation because some students had overheard other teachers talking about closing down the school, and it had spread really quickly. In the middle of his explanation, the announcement speakers turned on.

“Good afternoon students. I know some of you have heard about us closing the school and it is true. But don’t worry. It will only be 2 weeks, ”the principal said. He talked about the tests that were coming up soon and how they were going to access them online. Also, the principal instructed students to go after school to pick up their homework from their teachers. Lisa was a little worried. After class finished, she went to pick up her homework and waited in front of the school for her mom to come and pick her up. Shortly after she called her mother, she saw her car and walked closer to her and went inside.

“Hi. How was your day at school?” “It was alright. Oh by the way, we won’t have school for two weeks, ” Lisa said to her mom in a worried voice. “Ah, really? Why is that?” her mom asked while she carefully drove observing the safety signs posted along the school’s main artery. Lisa told her about how other schools were closing down because the virus had been spreading in her state. Luckily, her city was small. Nobody was infected, but the school still had to close for their safety. When the two weeks passed, Lisa’s school called parents and told them that they decided to extend the school’s closure for another two weeks.

Lisa started feeling limited, claustrophobic. She couldn’t do the things she used to do before all of this happened. She had also seen on the news how some schools in other states decided to close schools for the rest of the school year. She was worried that her school would do the same. It happened however. What she didn’t want was for her school to close yet it did. Their school decided to do online school meetings. It wasn’t hard for Lisa. She completed all her work and was a good student. The only problem was that she disliked the fact that she had to be seated most of the day in her desk without stretching or moving or zipping from class to class.

School had finally finished and she was free from work. “Yes! I am done. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be.” Lisa said to her sister once she finished her last online class. “Shh! I’m still doing class. You can tell me later. Thank you,” Camila whispered to her. Lisa laughed a little and then it faded away. She went to her room and laid down on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. She was tired but she didn’t know why. “I mean, I haven’t been outside or done anything that could possibly be tiring for me,” she said aloud to herself.

Days go by and there wasn’t anything for Lisa to do. She tried doing different things inside her house to keep her busy but it didn’t work. Whenever she woke up, she would just go to the bathroom and then go back to bed. Sometimes Lisa would go to eat breakfast downstairs, but, mainly, she ate in her room. She kept feeling sad to the point that she would stay in bed the whole day. Her mom and sister noticed the difference in her. Lisa would always be cheerful and even cheered up her mom and Camila when they were feeling down. Now she was locked up in her room doing nothing. She would fake her smile all the time. Camila knocked on her sister’s room, “Hey. Can I come in?” “Oh, yeah sure..” Camila sat on Lisa’s bed. “How are you feeling?” “I’m doing good, why?” Lisa responded. “Are you sure? You know you can talk to me about whatever you want.” “Yeah, I know. But I’m sure. I’m doing just fine, ” Lisa smiled, trying to convince her sister to believe her. Her sister smiled back although it faded away once she turned around to leave Lisa’s room. Camila closed the door, but Lisa could hear her sister’s determined footsteps as she went to talk with their mom.

“Mom, ” Camila turned off the TV. “Hey-” Camila cut past her mother’s soft protest. “Mom, this is serious, Lisa isn’t good right now. She needs to seek help. You and I have seen how she has been. This quarantine has been really affecting her. We knew how she was going to get.” “I know but what do we know? What could she possibly have?” “I am not completely sure. I think she might have depression. You have heard in the news that a lot of people are suffering from depression because of this whole situation.” After they talked, Camila brought down her computer so that she and her mom could do some research if people have changed during quarantine. Camila searched up some symptoms of depression. Lisa unfortunately did appear to have several of them.

According to the websites she read, it explained that depression affects 300 million people worldwide regardless of who they are. When the two of them read that, they were shocked. “Should we go up and talk to her, mom?” “No. Let’s talk to her tomorrow about this. Let her rest right now.” Camila nodded. Meanwhile, Lisa was scrolling through social media doing nothing but laying on her bed.

The next day her mom and sister went to Lisa’s room and knocked on her door. “Yeah umm, come in-” Lisa was surprised seeing both her sister and mother enter her room. “We need to talk with you Lisa,” said her mom. “You say you are good and doing fine but we know that it isn’t true. You are not the same person you used to be,” Camila continued. Lisa could only nod to hold back the dam she felt was about to break. Tears welled in her eyes as she saw the pain she unknowingly had caused her family. When her mom and sister talked about helping her Lisa couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer. As the tears flowed and her face flushed she agreed help was needed. Lisa said it had been hard for her to be locked up. She felt what was the need to get up if she couldn’t go outside anyways.

After she went with a psychologist, she started feeling better and found out that there were other things she could do. Her mom and sister were happy and proud that she was able to get back up again. “We are proud of you, remember that,” Camila said smiling. “Thank you for helping me be able to feel better. Not only did I find out that I could do other things, I contacted my friends again and it made me feel so much better, ” Lisa said happily. “We are glad you are feeling so much better but remember to talk with us if you are feeling down, okay?” her mom said. Lisa nodded. Her mom and sister hugged her and smiled.

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Michelle Gingerich
1 year ago

Great piece!