I chose this category because I am a shy person so painting is an easier way for me to communicate and painting helps me in expressing my emotions more.

Teens and Opioids

Mental health is affected by drugs. Decided to focus on opioid use since we had the lesson plan on them but figured most people have heard of it but don’t know the facts.

Drugs and Youth

We have been doing this TikTok videos for a while at school about dumb stuff and when approached by our ITC Advisor to do this we figured it would be fun and easy. Drugs are a problem, we don’t have access to our restrooms because of the problem.

Strings Attached

My artwork, “Strings Attached” regards the strings that come with being in an environment with drug abuse. Often, high schoolers face peer pressure. They face manipulation and gaslighting that leads them to drug use. My artwork symbolizes the manipulation that is often behind the abuse of drugs and the effects that come with it.

It’s Up To Us

It’s Up To Us defines the responsibility youth have to help their peers understand the issues surrounding opioid crisis. Knowing what you’re facing and how to respond to it can be the difference between life and death. The leadership students at David A Brown have committed to reaching the youth of California by presenting this important information from their hearts in hopes that they can save a life. It matters because everyone matters.

Opioids Use Directing Change Digital Art

My art piece represents the reality of how easily opioids can be disguised as pills letting viewers know how it’s easier to hide dangerous substances within something that seems harmless. However, now pills have become more and more common to become a way for teens to get high, but little do teens know it is dangerous to take medication from a non-medical professional. Which leads to many overdosing or trying to harm themselves to escape from their problems. It is not worth it. The duct tape represents the prevention which is to not consume anything that hasn’t been handled in a safe manner or prescribed by a medical professional. The purpose of this art piece is to give a visual representation of how opioids can fit into a normal scene, and the prevention is to not consume the pill.

Helping Hand

My entry relates back to the required content submission criteria because it shows and represents how no matter who you are there will always be a helping hand by your side and you are never alone. Its shows that people can join together and be more than one.

Colors of Mexico

To start off with My name is Aylee Martinez and I chose to use canva and I decided to show on my project the even if your Any different culture or race that you shouldn’t try to be any different race or culture just because you’re in embarrassed.So,I wanted to show that even if any race,you’re not Alone because there is many more people with your race around the world.Lastly,My project shows that My race is being Mexican and that I’m not ashamed to be an Mexican because I should be Proud of my culture and Race,but what I’m trying to show is that you should always be proud of your race and culture as well to not think what other people are saying.

Infinite Possibilities-No Limits

In my drawing the infinity symbol represents endless possibilities. The different sketches illustrate that I’m a complex person that cannot easily be defined within some limit or boundary. For example, it is often said that girls don’t go camping or hiking, but I choose to live beyond those labels.