What I Wish My Parents Knew

It is important for our parents to know what we are going through. We have different experiences from them, and they can’t always relate. This can affect our mental health and our relationship with them. We want to bring more awareness to this struggle that students have with their parents.

What I wish my parents knew

Our indigenous Latino youth wanted an opportunity to express how they feel about their struggle in school. Being first-generations students means that their parents often don’t know the hurdles their children have to overcome to be successful.

Through the Lens of Culture

This video created by our Youths from the Eastern African Community shows how mental health is viewed from the viewpoint of the Eastern African culture. We were able create the content using Specific language, clothing and music from the Eastern African culture.

Get Better

This film is a story about a boy’s mental health journey.


If you’re ever in a situation where your friend is acting distant and stops hanging out with you, then you should reach out to that person and offer them your support.


The film is about finding hope in things, like practicing different methods of self-care and seeking help from others (such as licensed professionals, friends, or family).

98.8 – Important Message

We made a PSA in the way you might see two radio show hosts quickly do between songs. We wanted to talk about this important topic but also wanted to say our message in an upbeat fashion to give hope to people who are listening.

You Aren’t a Bother

A radio PSA announcing how the listener isn’t a bother and if they need help to reach out

Big Sad Wolf

Our submission relates back to the submission’s criteria because the wolf wants to talk to the three little pigs but the pigs keep running away from him, so the wolf now feels like a bother.