There’s always someone

While struggling with thoughts of suicide, a youth receives a text checking in on her, which helps her feel seen.

Nosotros / We

In this Spanish-language film, students share their perspective on importance of youth mental health.

Just Listen

After noticing changes in a friend who recently lost his older brother, a youth connects him with their coach for help.

I Matter

Youth share their struggles, worries, and hopes, and the film reminds the viewer that their mental health matters.

Choosing recovery

A film about the effects of disordered eating on physical and mental health and an encouraging message about how to take steps towards recovery.

Mentally Changed

The filmmakers shared, “Through the video we wanted to share how the effects of our culture as African-Americans can put our mental health in the background of the other problems that we face in life, and that shouldn’t be the case. We wanted to stress the importance of having a healthy relationship with your mental health.”

Life Expectations

As a first generation Hispanic youth, a student faces high expectations and pressure but decides to ask for help from the school counselor.


A girl discusses the impact of trauma on her brother’s daily functioning, and how her family reaches out for mental health services which helps him recover.

Half Court To Health

The filmmakers shared, “Our video talks about how to prevent mental health issues, ways to help them, signs that you or another person may be dealing with them, and people to trust when dealing with these things. “