The Caped Crusader

Title: The Caped Crusader

Walked out the play because I couldn’t handle fear
Lord behold what was next was followed by a tear
The gunshots on a repeat stuck inside my head
The only thing that came easy was seeing my parents dead
From that point on I didn’t get very far
Went searching for redemption so I traveled abroad
Met the league of Assassins led by Ra Za Ghoul
Came back to gotham to see I got played like a fool
I’m fighting every night for what’s right while the corrupt drool
I was a ploy in the scheme getting used like a tool
So I stand with my city and rise for the people
They have no one but me to protect them from evil
Crime families are good at acting like Ledger being joker
They put on a face for the people like a vet playing poker
I can see straight through it so I do it and prevail
Next thing you know got half the precinct in Jail
I’m not all golden, still chasing a cat with no tail
And Harvey dent’s coin trick, will that ever fail?
That’s a question not a riddle, it’s a blessing
I’m sounding like Penguin the way i’m confessing
Not ashamed to admit it so i need help badly
Up against a force together so we stand proudly
You think darkness is your ally, you merely adopted the dark
I was born in it, molded by it like red son kent clark
Those words stuck with me and digged a deeper hole
But I am out of the pit like a nocturnal mole
So unexpected and unaccepted that look in his eye
The way I was standing right there with my city right behind
Together, the skys the limit, we could do anything
Even bring justice to those who lost everything.

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