Monthly Prompt

September 2023: Find Your Anchor

All of us benefit from an anchor, one that keeps us firmly planted, no matter what winds or storms may come. For September’s prompt, the Directing Change Program was inspired by the Find Your Anchor non-profit. Think about what your anchor is when you are going through a tough time. How does it remind you to stay hopeful? Express your anchor through art, writing, music, or film. You can have one anchor or many! An anchor could be a hobby or activity, a form of self-care like music, journaling, or breathing, or any little thing that brings you joy, helps you cope, and reminds you about your reason for living.

All youth, classrooms, clubs, or organizations that submit to September’s prompt are eligible to request a Find Your Anchor box here. (While supplies last.)

Find Your Anchor TikTok Challenge

Create a TikTok about what your anchors are (things that bring you joy or help you cope) – either for yourself or to remind someone else about their reason for living. All TikToks that follow the guidelines receive a $20 gift card and enter to win $100 grand prize.

Deadline to submit to the monthly prompt and TikTok Challenge is September 30, 2023. Share the flyer here. (Also available in Spanish.)

October 2023: Hey! What’s Up? R U Ok?

No longer hidden in the shadows, mental health is trending as something we hear about daily.  Awareness campaigns are asking us to seize the awkward and talk openly about mental health and suicide prevention, to know the signs, and to take action for mental health by checking in with ourselves and others. If you are worried about a friend, checking in lets them know you care and that they are not alone. Don’t worry about finding the perfect thing to say – what matters is that you start the conversation, which can help others feel seen, heard, and understood. Just connecting with a friend once a day (to catch up, joke around, or tell them you are thinking of them) can reduce stress and improve well-being. This month, use your artistic talent to show what a conversation about suicide prevention or mental health can look like in real life with a film, podcast, comic, story, or any other form of art. What are some different ways to check-in with a friend and start those conversations? Share the flyer here. (Also available in Spanish.)

These prompts are sponsored by CalHOPE. The CalHOPE Schools Initiative offers no-cost resources for students and schools to support relationships, build resilience, and provide inspiration and support for students, educators, and families. Resources include films that spark conversations about mental health, curriculum and support materials for educators and parents, and programming that supports social-emotional learning. To learn more visit