Middle School

Love is Music

My drawing is me with headphones on and music notes around me, and in the background I drew scribbles with darkness but the darkness is not entering my area. The reason I drew this is to represent music protecting me from the darkness which is problems and stress. When I was drawing this I wanted to make sure to try to draw a bubble around me and the music notes and not let the darkness touch the bubble. When I was drawing me I tried to make it as realistic as possible which is why I drew headphones on me because putting headphones on and only hearing music really helps anchor me.

Feeling my Happiest

My entry/drawing shows me hanging out with my friends. When I hang out with my friends I truly do feel my happiest. I feel that this relates back to the required content submission criteria, also known as the what anchors you prompt because the photo represents me leaving all my troubles behind and focusing on the now with my friends having no care in the world.

Summer the German Shepherd

A small description about my submission is actually my 6 month female German shepherd named summer. My submission relates back to the required content submission criteria because summer my German shepherd is someone who anchors me when I am stressed or have anxiety. For example, when I get home from school knowing I have to do all my homework for my six classes and having to study for any upcoming assignments or tests coming up, when I come home stressed I decide to go to my backyard and hand out with my pet. Sometimes even laying down next to her helps, other times she likes to jump on me so I can give her a hug.