Middle School


The drawing is about how I cope with stress and life’s dilemmas – by listening to music, drawing, and seeing the beauty of nature. With all of these combined, the world seems to be more colorful. Without them, my world always seems to be in black and white.

Talk to someone when needed

It helps students reach out to other students or someone they trust to be able to talk about their feelings or something there struggling with so they don’t have to bottle it up.


Anchors come in different shapes and sizes. Your anchor might not be the same as someone else’s, but that doesn’t matter – if it makes you happy, it’s for you. Taking care of yourself is important, so don’t change your anchor to fit in. I think it’s important for people to understand their anchors or things they do for fun might be different from other people.

What gives me hope

My entry has to do which what gives me hope in life, so I did a poem on how playing softball and being with friends and family help me when im overwhelmed.

James’s helping hands

My piece is about James finding a place were he can express himself and feel safe and comfortable.

My Escape From Stress

This entry is an essay about someone who helps me come back to earth when I am upset. Writing this was a way to express gratitude for my best friend.

You are Never a Bother

Our submission was inspired by how some of us feel at times. We want to share how we feel, but it’s difficult because we are soft-spoken or worried about bothering people with our problems. If we bottle our emotions we can get into a depression and that can lead to dark place.

Big Sad Wolf

Our submission relates back to the submission’s criteria because the wolf wants to talk to the three little pigs but the pigs keep running away from him, so the wolf now feels like a bother.

Not A Burden, A Gift

The little things about you that make you ‘you’ can never be replaced. Never be afraid to ask for help because you’re not a burden, and you never will be.

Your problems may feel as big as the ocean, but I will be your shore.

I wanted to show the art of stillness and the raw emotion that a photo can capture. I wanted my picture to give off the effect of a person feeling safe, loved, and comfortable telling other people their pain or just a random fact that they came up with. I wanted to show that no one is a burden, a pain, or a bother.