Middle School


My short video portrays the complex relationship I have with my parents as a transgender teenager. The end poem is a direct call out to the fact that my parents fully know that I’m trans, yet every time it is brought up in a conversation, they act as if it’s their first time hearing it. The film is an invitation to a party that I’ve planned for too long – one that only my parents are invited to.

What I wish my parents and other adults knew

When teenagers have issues and difficult problems, they are often scared to share. They can have feelings of stress or depression and feel like giving up, even when an adult sees them as ‘happy.’

What I Wish You Knew

A ‘perfect’ conversation requires effort from both ends. The person struggling has to open up and trust the other person they’re asking for help, whilst the person being reached out to has to provide support and reassurance. A perfect conversation is one where the person who needs help can get it.

Compassion Bubbles!

My submission is a ‘collaborative’ poster. I gathered thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions from all the people I know. I wanted to do something that really shows how stressful and difficult situations are affecting children, teenagers, and adults.

Hey, Are you Ok?

“A broken heart after a first love as an adolescent can be difficult for many. Adolescents experience a great deal of emotions and at times, don’t know how to manage them. They need to be reminded that they are not alone in this.”

The Light

“The comic is about how helping someone can change a person’s life. It can also save someone from [taking their life] or help them with their mental health. The comic also shows how a helping hand can be the light to a person’s darkness – eventually, they could even become somebody else’s light.”

Thank You

“Someone who needs help should get it, even if they won’t ask for it themselves. Something as simple as showing that you care can change a million things. I want people to know how their words can have a huge impact on others. Good or bad, your words can affect someone, sometimes a lot more than you think.”

Be the friend

“If you notice that a friend is sad, you should talk to them. It’s okay if you don’t always know what to say; most of the time, people just need someone to listen to them.”

Into the Eye

My entry shows that I am from more than one country and that I am unique in my very own way. Looking into the eye symbolizes that if you get to know someone and their personality, you can get to know their history and where they’re from. My eye shows that I am from Germany, Wales, Jamaica, and America.