Emma Spiekerman


With this PSA we wanted to reach out to adults and guardians in order to raise awareness towards the issues teens face. The PSA covers how teens experience and express anxiety and stress. Parents sometimes do not realize when their child is dealing with something despite the signs they may show.

Pain Has No Age

You never know what someone is going through until they tell you, so this film/podcast gave me an opportunity to become closer with teammates, advisors, and friends – they trusted me enough to share their mental health, and I’m hoping other teens will want to share their mental health after watching this.

Teen Talk

As a teen, sometimes it’s hard to be heard. This was a perfect opportunity to get the voices of teens who are often ignored out there.

Baby Blue

I wish my parents understood the complexity of emotions and mental health in their children. It’s easy for parents to get caught up in the chaos of raising a family, but it’s essential to pause and acknowledge that children have very real emotions that shouldn’t be overlooked just because they’re young.


Silencing your child anytime they are trying to express something to you is a drastic setback for them; over time, it affects their capability to communicate and express their emotions to you. Don’t limit their voice and listen to them.

I tried

Being strapped down by the depression of my daily life interrupts everything I do. My worst fear is disappointing my parents and not being able to meet the most simple expectations. The hardest thing for me to tell my parents is that I TRIED to get up but couldn’t.

Inside The Box

Every day almost feels the same, especially when you are supposed to be a top student and feel obligated to get everything done perfectly. When I’m working endlessly until the day is over, my window serves as a reminder of how much I miss those days when I had time to go outside, go biking, and hang out with family instead of being in my room constantly.

Hope’s Eternal Glow

“One of the best ways I find hope is through writing. In this poem, I wrote about hope; and by writing this, I gave myself hope. I am a very hopeful person because of the artwork I do. Writing helps me express that hopefulness and makes it contagious to others.”