Emma Spiekerman

The Art of Gratitude

“My piece is about the importance of gratitude. I also discussed how it improves our mental health, connects us with others, and strengthens our relationships with the people we love.”

The Good in the Unexpected

“This is a poem to remind me to always look out for the things that make me happy and to never forget to enjoy the world while we still have it.”

The Test

“My entry shows an instance where I am struggling with a test. It shows that I can easily doubt myself. It also shows that I start observing others for a hint towards something when I am not confident in myself.”

Never Too Late

“My piece addresses the mental health issues of soldiers and veterans. The idea of the well-being of soldiers blossomed from my admiration and concern for my older brother, who is training to become a marine officer. On the battlefield, soldiers suffer from far more than just physical injuries and scars; they are also psychologically wounded often to the point of never being the same. Countless soldiers and veterans suffer from PTSD, depression, alcohol abuse, anxiety, and suicide.”


”This piece represents the power of music. Specifically, how it can take you to different worlds, somewhat becoming an escape from the stressors of reality. Music for many people, including myself, is very therapeutic and is used as a form of self-care.’’

The Golden Fields

“My piece represents prejudice and stereotypes following individuals throughout their life. They are not ignorant of the eye, but instead of letting the stereotypes control their life, they keep walking on a path to success. The sunset shows the end of the old day and hopes for a new era with no discrimination.”

7 – Youth Warning Sign Tent Card

Youth Warning Sign Tent Card This tent cards provides information about youth suicide warning signs, resources and information about how to get involved with the Directing Change program. Youth Warning Sign Tent Card (E-Version / Print Version)

6 – Mental Health Thrival Kit

Mental Health Thrival Kit: Take some time for journaling, coloring and deep breathing activities with our Mental Health Thrival Kit. Share the journal electronically or download the individual pages! Full Journal (English / Spanish) Breathing and Grounding Technique Page (English / Spanish) Warning Signs for Suicide Page (English / Spanish) Resources Page (English / Spanish) Coloring Page – Bird (English / Spanish) Coloring Page – Flowers 6 – Mental Health Thrival Kit

Too Faced

My art shows that even if someone looks happy all the time, they aren’t. You just need to look deeper not just see what you want to.