The film is about finding hope in things, like practicing different methods of self-care and seeking help from others (such as licensed professionals, friends, or family).


If you’re ever in a situation where your friend is acting distant and stops hanging out with you, then you should reach out to that person and offer them your support.

Get Better

This film is a story about a boy’s mental health journey.

You Aren’t a Bother

A radio PSA announcing how the listener isn’t a bother and if they need help to reach out

Never A Bother

Our short film delves into the internal struggles of a teenager grappling with mental health issues. The narrative centers around the protagonist’s inner debate about reaching out to friends, teachers, and family for support.

Never a Bother Only A Helper

I created this piece because I believe it’s something others such as students like myself can relate to and deeply relate to it.

You are Never a Bother

Our submission was inspired by how some of us feel at times. We want to share how we feel, but it’s difficult because we are soft-spoken or worried about bothering people with our problems. If we bottle our emotions we can get into a depression and that can lead to dark place.

Big Sad Wolf

Our submission relates back to the submission’s criteria because the wolf wants to talk to the three little pigs but the pigs keep running away from him, so the wolf now feels like a bother.


A small bit of hope can not only bring life back into our lives, but can liberate us from our doubt, guilt, and despair.