Self Love

I chose this category because self love is extremely important to me because I have personally struggled with it. While doing this I learned how many people are dissatisfied with themselves and it really made me frown but I’m glad that society as a whole can have a huge impact on this problem, and we can all learn to love ourselves!

There’s always light

I chose hope because I feel like sometimes there isn’t enough hope in this world. Sometimes it seems so sad, or drowsy. So I choose hope, because everyone should have a flame of hope inside them!

The Whole Pointe

The reason I chose this category was because when I myself was going through a hard time, I used dance to find hope. I wanted to let everyone know that there will always be hope, but when you let go of the string, hope can fly away. I was originally going to have the balloon up further from the dancer. However, that felt like hope was flying away. I almost didn’t add the balloon at all. I had to make several changes to it and had to redo it a few times because I felt that the message wasn’t clear. After a long debate in my head, I finally settled on the dancer holding the very tip of the ballon. Something that I learned was that hope can be lost at times, but as long as you focus on the positive, you’ll be able to retrieve your balloon again. (I also learned that I should never mix watercolor paints and acrylic paint together when I’m making an ombre.)

What Hope Means to Me

“My entry is a narrative, and it is about how I was able to overcome personal challenges because I learned how to believe in hope.”

We Can See Hope

“We CAN See hope. This project was completed 100% virtually with all students/teachers online. We wanted to express what this past year has held within education and how all of us can still see HOPE. This is their reality, and with the help from their community and state, they can succeed. Mental Health Matters to ALL of us, and this is the most important time to SEE HOPE!”

A Day in My Life

The way my speech relates to what was asked, I wrote about the unfairness I encountered in my life, the discrimination and stereotypes I’ve been put in, and the injustice. I wrote about how many infortunate events have blocked me from getting to my full potential. I find myself being afraid to go out and play in my community and always looking behind our car wondering if the policeman was going to stop my family or if I see a policeman, it makes me feel anxious, uncomfortable, nervous. , and unsafe.

Not Enough

Through social media, peers, and ourselves, we often fall into a loop of our appearance, being controlled by our looks and body shape. I often hear people say that they are “not enough” of this and that, which leads to a mindset that is only focused on looks. Adding some elements of self-image, the person that is overall controlling our appearance is ourselves, so I drew a dark image of the girl being controlled. Feeling helpless and trapped as a life-less puppet is what our self-image has come to these days. Through this art piece, I was hoping for at least one person to look at themselves in the mirror and like their appearance without worrying about what others thought of them.