You Are Not a Bother

A conversation of two friends and one is comforting the other and telling them resources to further help them.

Reach for the stars

This is a digital art piece of a young child reaching for the stars, where sunlight and stardust collide with each other, as well as a hand reaching out. By asking different people to take a look at this picture, I’ve learned that everyone sees and feels something different.

You’re Not A Bother

Teenagers are often faced with negative thoughts. These thoughts totally engulf a teenager’s mind which impacts them in some of the worst ways possible. It’s hard to talk about emotions for a plethora of reasons; not understanding them, not wanting to appear weak, and not wanting to bother others. Reassurance, safe spaces, and support are what teenagers need to better their mental health. They should know that they always have help and asking for it will bother no one.

Not A Burden, A Gift

The little things about you that make you ‘you’ can never be replaced. Never be afraid to ask for help because you’re not a burden, and you never will be.

Your problems may feel as big as the ocean, but I will be your shore.

I wanted to show the art of stillness and the raw emotion that a photo can capture. I wanted my picture to give off the effect of a person feeling safe, loved, and comfortable telling other people their pain or just a random fact that they came up with. I wanted to show that no one is a burden, a pain, or a bother.

You’re No Annoyance Here

My submission is a poem, and my poem is meant to be for those who feel that they are bothersome, or an annoyance to others.

Eye Care About You

My entry for ‘You Are Never a Bother’ is a piece that is very personal to me. I was able to positively change someone’s life, and I asked that person how it made them feel. Receiving words of encouragement like “you are not a bother” really helped uplift them.


Moving to a new school in a different district was pretty hard at the start. I had gone to school with people I’ve known since kindergarten and all of a sudden I felt like I didn’t belong to any where. But one day I worked up enough courage to ask if I could eat lunch with girl in my orchestra class and it was the best decision. So, this is for my best friend who has lit up my world during these past difficult years.

I’m Sorry to Bother You

I wrote about the worries of a person in need. I wrote what they think or might be thinking when they ask for help.

Whenever and Wherever

No matter what my friend is going through, I am here for them whenever and wherever, and they are never a bother.