Suicide Prevention Media Campaign Co-Creation Opportunities

The California Department of Public Health is developing and launching a statewide youth suicide prevention media campaign. This campaign is being co-created with young people across California and is expected to launch in the Spring of 2024. In the meantime, there are a lot of different ways young people can get involved!

Create art, videos and more about suicide prevention for the youth suicide prevention media campaign. There are a number of different co-¬creation prompts you can respond to! Projects will be entered into the Directing Change film and art contest and selected entries may be used as part of the media campaign!

Inform yourself about some special considerations for how to message about suicide prevention.

Learn about the warning signs of suicide, resources, and how to support yourself or a friend.

All art forms are accepted, including art pieces, narratives, poems, 30-second and 60-second videos, podcasts, original music and more. Art and communication pieces are welcome in all languages. All videos should include captions in English.

Selected submissions may be used as part of the youth suicide prevention media campaign, for example on social media, on the campaign website, as part of toolkits, presentations, outreach, and more.

All pieces are submitted to the Directing Change film contest and/or Hope and Justice art contest and qualify for cash prizes, Amazon gift cards, and a chance to be recognized at the program’s red­carpet awards ceremony.


Create a film, podcast, or art piece about what you wish your parents (or other adults) knew about the warning signs of suicide, what life is like as a young person today, or the importance of supporting youth mental health. How can the adults in your life help you feel seen, support your dreams, and help you through tough times? How can young people and older generations come together and have more productive conversations about mental health?

Projects accepted until January 31, 2024

  • This prompt is accepting submissions now!  Learn more and get started here.
  • Open to youth ages 12-25
  • Selected entries may be featured as part of California’s youth suicide prevention media campaign.
  • Win up to $300 in prizes!
  • All art forms accepted!
  • Additional TikTok Challenge: Every TikTok submitted in response to prompt receives a $20 gift card and a chance to win a $100 grand prize.
  • Download flyer or get started here.

Our culture can influence the way that we think and talk about mental health or suicide. Create a film, TikTok or art piece that shows the importance of belonging, support, and strength that can come from being part of a cultural group and supportive relationships. Show examples of cultural healing practices that can help someone cope with mental health challenges or emotional pain. Share information about the warning signs of suicide and encourage young people to seek help. Explore how this might look different depending on our culture and the way were brought up. All sixty-second films are also entered into the Directing Change Film Contest!

Projects accepted until March 1, 2024

Life can get overwhelming and it’s not always easy to express how we feel or reach out for help. Young people may sometimes feel like they don’t want to burden others with their problems. How would you let a friend or someone close to you know that its ok to reach out for help, whether it’s talking to you, a crisis resource, or other support? Most importantly -how would you let them know that they matter and that they are never a bother? Choose your artistic format and communicate a message that validates a young person’s feelings, letting them know that they are never a bother and its ok to reach out for help.

Projects accepted until February 29, 2024


Follow these steps to submit:

  • Choose one or more prompts
  • Choose entry type (e.g. Visual Art, Original Music, Written Work, Video and more).
    Any art form is accepted.
  • Review accepted entry format requirements. Don’t find one you like, contact us!
  • If submitting a Video PSA, be sure to include a title slide and the required Hope & Justice end slate or Hope & Justice end slate (vertical) for TikToks.
  • Upload your submission and fill out entry form.
  • Complete Release Forms. This is submitted electronically and needs to be signed by parent/guardian if youth are under the age of 18. Release forms available in English and Spanish.

    *Entries may be submitted in any language as long as English captions or an English translation version is included.

Questions? Contact us.