What is Your Word

Search for Compassion

“My entry shows my experience as a student who has to attend high school on a tele-conferencing robot because of my disability. The scenes show every day life with the robot at school. The robot is always alone, with crowds of students passing by without acknowledging me. I would like to advocate for other students to show compassion for myself and other kids and teens who deal with disabilities.”

Made Not Born

“When I asked my class what word described their vision of Mental Health at our school, they all thought of the same thing. At our school they are leaders – they promote Mental Health – offer help and assistance to anyone that needs it – they are aware and feel responsible. They have learned from their partnership with Directing Change and RCOE that the future is up to them! We have to work together within our school and our community to bring awareness and help to those that need it… that requires leadership.”

The Importance of Respect

“Our word for this month’s prompt is ‘Respect’ to describe the world we envision that supports youth mental health. There are multiple ways of showing respect and it all comes down to each and everyone of us.”


“Belief has the power to change your whole outlook of your situation.”


“My entry explains how I feel about this generation’s importance towards mental health. I believe that many people don’t have anywhere to turn to when needing help. We need attention and to be considered. People struggle daily and this has to be noticed. In order to fix this situation, many have to recognize what is happening first. Changing this lack of help can strengthen our future and help our society.”


“My poem targets generational trauma and the longterm effects it can have on teens through adulthood. I wanted to compare skin to the perception one may have of their personality, their features, and their body. With time it gets easier and you don’t shy away from the figurative and literal mirror so much. I feel teens need a reminder that it is okay to be vulnerable, open minded, and let go. We are our biggest critic but also our strongest support system and only we know how to resolve the problems we have with ourselves. It is a poem about aging, forgiving yourself, and how digging inwards and allowing your inner child to process trauma is much better for your health than continuing the detrimental cycle you may have been a victim of as a child.”

The Mountains We Climb

“Adventurous outdoor activities fill me with the power to achieve any challenge. The different shades of purple represent how life isn’t just a black and white canvas, but there’s an endless variation of color. The variety of purple is my way of looking in between the shades of gray to find my joy, my drive, my power. The abundance of mountains at the bottom show how life comes with many struggles, but if we believe in our own self worth/power we can overcome them. There are endless possibilities when we feel empowered.”

Persevere on Top of Your Problems

“My painting shows that most life problems are like a mountain. But if you keep going, if you can manage to get on top of your problems, it’ll be worth it. And there is always someone in your life there to help.”


“This is an image of someone who wants to be freed from everyone else’s thoughts and what they have to say. I chose to do this project because that is how I was feeling and feel that someone always has something to say about my life and I am not allowed to think for myself. I hope this can help someone else as well.”


“This image is of a reflection of what people see versus what I feel. I chose reflection because if you look at what people think about you, then you realize that the negative thoughts you are thinking about yourself are really not that bad. I like that this image may give others hope and allow them to overcome what they may be going through.”