What is Your Word

Peace of Mind

“I chose the word ‘Serenity.’ It means ‘the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.’ My project symbolizes having peace of mind or calming one’s mentality.”

Drowned Words

“The word I chose to convey was ‘communication.’ Mental struggles can be alleviated through other people’s help, but in order for an individual to receive the help they need, their thoughts and feelings must first be declared. Adolescents are often told to reach out for help, but in reality, asking for help can be a very difficult and muddled process. In my painting, a girl is being dragged down by a tangible manifestation of those restricting factors in the form of blank, white masses. To better help the youth of today, I would like to see more receptive and accepting adults that can offer genuine aid to those inflicted with mental illnesses. Adolescents should not have their words drowned out; they must be heard in order to be helped.”