Walk in Our Shoes

Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out

This film is about a middle school boy who is struggling with bullying and suicidal thoughts. The boy finds the courage to seek help thanks to the support of two other students, showing the power of looking out for peers and reaching out to those experiencing poor mental health.


In “Reflections,” a young man struggling to understand himself and his emotions finally reaches out to an adult he trusts so he can begin healing his mental health.

Helping a Friend

This film is about how mental health issues in youth can go unnoticed by adults, the importance of interpersonal relationships, and the power of reaching out for help.

You Are Not Alone

“You Are Not Alone” provides positive examples of how to get help when faced with depression and other challenges.

Depression & Empathy

This film is about showing empathy to those who are going through a tough time and being open to understanding others’ situations.

Rabbit Hole

This unique and creative film reimagines “Alice in Wonderland” to tell a story about youth mental health.

Giving It All Away

“Jessica got out of a relationship where she gave a lot, but her boyfriend didn’t. Now she is giving all of her favorite things away to her friend in her plan to commit suicide. Her friend notices the warning signs and directly asks if she is planning suicide.”


“In the film, “Listening” we wanted to bring awareness of the seriousness of mental health and how beneficial it can be to listen to our peers and loved ones when it comes to mental health.”

The Butterfly Effect

“A story about a student in middle school with depression. He strugles to find friends but someone steps up.”

Missing Sammy

“Tim is missing his brother Sammy who passed away less than a year before. He decides he his going to end his life and see Sammy that night. His friend Ronald sees the warning, Tim’s anger and that he has made suicide plan and gets him help.”