Walk in Our Shoes

Our shoes

Four students talk about what it feels like to “walk in their shoes” in this film, which offers a message that help is always available.

Half Court To Health

The filmmakers shared, “Our video talks about how to prevent mental health issues, ways to help them, signs that you or another person may be dealing with them, and people to trust when dealing with these things. “

You’re Not Alone

A youth who feels isolated and displays warning signs of suicide decides to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Why It Matters

A film that expresses the challenges that middle school students face when coping with mental health issues and and the message that the mental health of each student matters.

Check On Your Friends

Though some may hide their emotions better than others, this film serves as a reminder that it’s important to check in on friends.


A film about how mental health challenges can permeate all aspects of life, but that help and hope is always there.

Reaching Out

“My submission follows a teenage student struggling with depression. My entry’s mission is to teach the viewers about what mental health is, how you can improve it, and how you can help someone who struggles with it.”


An educational film about the day in the life of a student with ADHD.