Walk in Our Shoes

Harmony at Home

“Our entry relates to the required content submission criteria (walk in our shoes) because we showcase the struggles of family relationships and how there is always someone who wants to help. Some families face the struggle of mental or physical abuse, lack of communication, dissociation, or toxic family situations. In this video, we specifically focus on communication, and how we can use our voices to better understand one another.”


“The video realates back to the required criteria since it is about Walk in our shoes. Our video shows the perspective of a girl who has social anxiety, and is scared of talking to people and had a fear of making new friends. Untill she meets someone who starts talking to her and she’s unsure of what to do and how to act. Which untill she realised she won’t be judged and the girl wont be ean to her.”

A Shoulder to Lean On

“Culture can be shown in different perspectives and characteristics throughout our communities. Our video shows a representation of how we use different language, shared experience, and emotion to portray how we deal with expressing how we are feeling around others. It is hard to be vulnerable in front of others that may be from a different community than us.”

QB Beats Anxiety

This film focuses on the stress faced by many student atheletes, as well as the impact it can have on their mental health.

Our shoes

Four students talk about what it feels like to “walk in their shoes” in this film, which offers a message that help is always available.

Half Court To Health

The filmmakers shared, “Our video talks about how to prevent mental health issues, ways to help them, signs that you or another person may be dealing with them, and people to trust when dealing with these things. “

You’re Not Alone

A youth who feels isolated and displays warning signs of suicide decides to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Why It Matters

A film that expresses the challenges that middle school students face when coping with mental health issues and and the message that the mental health of each student matters.