Walk in Our Shoes

The Overcomer

The Superhero that resides in each one of us can be found! Mark is an animator, and he shows us that understanding the choices we face and choosing to reach for light in the darkness is so important. In a 100% virtual environment, creating this animated PSA was a huge accomplishment as well as an eye opener. How we support one another matters. How we continue to learn and move forward matters. Mental Health Matters- and we can be an overcomer!

My Life

A boy is diagnosed with ADHD, feels alone and is struggling in school until he reaches out for help and starts to see the light.


Our eyes expresses our feelings, and show the emotions in us. Take time to look at others and offer help if needed because everyone deserves to be seen, and everyone deserves to be happy.


A student struggles as he’s being labeled and bullied at school. A friend reaches out to him and uses positive words to build him up.

Make Your Mark

A girl hides her true feelings behind a smile and laughter until she finds friends that like her for who she is. She finds power and strength in expressing and being her real self.

Keep an Eye on Me

A student describes his struggles with depression and loneliness and expresses how his friends give him hope.

Feeding My Heart

A student explains the importance of taking care of your mental health along with your physical health.


A student deals with anxiety and talks about what methods help her cope with it.

Esperanza en Nuestra Corazon

Mental health challenges affect many people, from the young to the elderly. Your mental health is important, and there is HOPE. Hear from 8th grader Paola as she shares her struggle with mental health issues- and how she “Esperanza En Nuestro Coraz√≥n” found hope within her heart. You can do the same.