Community Navigators (24/7)

Community Navigators (24/7) 888-436-3246Tri-City’s Community Navigator program consists of highly trained staff who specialize in linkage and referral to local resources. This dedicated team helps individuals, families and caregivers gain access to needed resources, including informal community supports and formal services. Community Navigators identify and verify current available services to ensure community members are quickly Community Navigators (24/7)

Tri-City Mental Health Supplemental Crisis Line (24/7)

Tri-City Mental Health Supplemental Crisis Line (24/7): 866-623-9500The Supplemental Crisis Line are after-hours clinical support available to any resident in Claremont, La Verne and Pomona who is not enrolled in formal treatment services at Tri-City. Trained and experienced therapists respond to these crisis calls and are available afterhours and on weekends. Please call (866) 623-9500.


family and friends, it is very important that attention is brought to this ongoing issue. Indigenous women of all ages go missing and not enough is being done. I would hope that in the future more effort can be put into finding these women. By having family and friends who are indigenous, it would be unbearable to know something happened to them.”