Through the Lens of Culture

This video created by our Youths from the Eastern African Community shows how mental health is viewed from the viewpoint of the Eastern African culture. We were able create the content using Specific language, clothing and music from the Eastern African culture.

Find Your Anchor

“During times of stress, I find myself either wanting to be active or make any form of art […] I made my entry to share what my anchors are and hopefully inspire others to find their anchors as well. […] Now that I know what my main anchors are, I can go to them whenever I need to. It makes me feel organized and prepared knowing that I can always go do these things and come back feeling better.”

Our Effect on the Environment

I chose this category because I wanted to share to people that earth is our only home and that we really need to help our planet and its environment if we want to continue on as a species.

5 Easy Ways You Can Save The Earth

We chose this category because we care about the environment and have witnessed the effects a dirty environment can have on people, animals, and all other ecosystems. We have also wanted to learn more about changes we can make without completely altering our lives or spending money we don’t have.

Living better!

This entry is based on many solutions available for people who want to take care of the planet. Every time we follow one of these, we have the ability to change our planet. Even though it’s not ALL 8 billion people, one person caring for the planet is better than none.