Our Effect on the Environment

I chose this category because I wanted to share to people that earth is our only home and that we really need to help our planet and its environment if we want to continue on as a species.

5 Easy Ways You Can Save The Earth

We chose this category because we care about the environment and have witnessed the effects a dirty environment can have on people, animals, and all other ecosystems. We have also wanted to learn more about changes we can make without completely altering our lives or spending money we don’t have.

Living better!

This entry is based on many solutions available for people who want to take care of the planet. Every time we follow one of these, we have the ability to change our planet. Even though it’s not ALL 8 billion people, one person caring for the planet is better than none.

The Way Of Music – Who is She TBH

“My video is about music and the way that music can bring hope to others. The meaning of music for me is it can make you express what you want to feel. The fact that music can just make you fall into it. Also, music can help just by listening to it you can just get into it without thinking you are. You can overanalyze every word you hear in music. If you feel down you can just drown every single one of your feelings in lyrics. If you need someone to comfort you can use music to help with your comfort you. The meaning is it can help with your feeling and it can change your mood however you want to take it. Music can be a way to talk without using your own words.”

Goals for 2023

“In my film, I talk about my hopes and goals for 2023. I include my own personal goals, my hopes for my loved ones, and my hopes for my community.”

Let’s restart.

“Now that 2023 has officially started, it gives us yet another chance to start over, and what we can do in order to better ourselves for the new year. As they say, “new year, new me”, it is time to prove it, and the time starts now. I wanted to share this animation to show that with another chance and a good mindset, anything can be achieved. Better to do it now than later before time catches up. I wish all a happy new year!”

Goals for 2023

“In this film, I talk about my three goals for the new year.”