New Year, New Friends

My video shows someone who feels lonely and has no hope. Because of this they are not comfortable speaking or opening up to their friends and family. However with the new year and being slowly coming out of the pandemic this person is starting to see some hope which leads them to open up to their friends and loved ones who are super supportive.


The entry illustrates several emotions such as being bubbly, and gives the viewer an enhanced experience. Being in times of distress for several people, I wanted to convey a more upbeat experience, than a video highlighting the negative issues revolving around the world.

Hopes For 2022

This TikTok is what people are hopeful for 2022. Hope is an important thing to have, because without it, you could lose yourself. That is why I made this video to show other peoples hopes, even if they are little, it can impact you life majorly.

Hope Poem

Hope Through the pandemic and overcoming stress by seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

2022 GOALS

I want to be able to help with saving the environment and help with any mental health issues that anybody is going through such as depression, signs of suicide, and thinking about the future.

2022 in Words

As we embark on a new year, it is essential that we both internalize and inscribe our annual goals. 2021 was a year full of sorrow, distress, and confusion. However, by compiling several achievable goals in one cohesive and hopeful video, audiences can reflect on how their resilience from 2021 has carried into the new year. Whether it be emphasizing the need for self-care or promoting environmental justice, accomplishing these feats will certainly instill more hope in our community. After all, the belief in hope is one of many overarching changes people want to see in 2022.