Through the Lens of Culture

Why Waste Rice?”

I chose this category because growing up in a traditional Filipino household meant that I grew up thinking that mental illness was something that a person did to themselves. When my aunt and cousin had their psychotic episodes, my family would deem it as their fault and let it go on for too long. Through this project, I eventually learned that it was a common Filipino stigma and not just something my family made me believe. In 2018, the Philippines finally passed the first mental health bill to provide funding for treating mental illnesses, which is extraordinary considering how long the U.S. has worked to overcome this stigma. Unfortunately, many older generational Filipinos still pass down this mindset to their children, who in turn don’t ask for help when they need it. Seeing and experiencing this first hand, prompted me to make this film for my fellow Filipino-Americans.

Help Me to Grow

This PSA is about a Vietnamese girl who is afraid of ruining her family name because of the emotions she has been feeling. She knows that it is not common in her culture to tell everyone about the feelings they are feeling, but she knows that family is what matters and that if she can help someone they can help her.

The Conversation

“The Conversation” is a film about how much communication matters in both family and language, English and Spanish.

Stigmas Around the World

Youth from different cultures encourage others to chose empowerment over shame and break the stigmas surrounding mental illness.

When I Was Your Age

This film explores the generational and cultural differences in families perceive mental health.

Plus Que Forte

A film that explores the expectations placed on black women and encourages them to reach out when they need support for their mental health.

I Want You to Know That…

A film about the stress and mental health challenges that international students may face, in which a girl shares a message of empathy and hope.

Falling in Silence

A deaf student expresses the challenges faced by the deaf community and shares that help is available.

Silence Speaks

This is a video about a deaf boy who feels isolated living in silence and is thinking about suicide. A friend notices and decides to talk to him about it. Together, they go talk to their counselor and she shows them Each Mind Matters.

Where Do I Belong

An inspiring film from the perspective of Ghanaian culture as told by a college student who experiences mental health challenges and finds strength and support from her family and deep rooted Ghanaian beliefs of unity.