Through the Lens of Culture

I Need Help Getting Help

Through a poignant poem, a young black girl fights against systemic racism, ultimately celebrating herself and her possibilites.

Mal Diagnosticado

The filmmaker shared, “This film is about my own personal journey with mental health, and how I was misdiagnosed with stomach virus when in reality it was anxiety. I made this film to educate parents and students that sometimes something that might seem as a common illness might be a mental illness.”


The filmmakers shared, “Our entry is about the struggles that the language barrier has created for students in the school environment..”

Be the change

A film about how to work through generational trauma in Hispanic households by starting conversations about mental health and validating the emotions of loved ones.

We Will Listen

A parent and youth have a dialogue in Spanish about the youth’s mental health and the parent does not understand, but the film offers a positive message of support.

I See You

A first-generation Vietnamese youth feels misunderstood by his parents, but opens up to a supportive friend.


Film about a deaf student, who relied on lip reading, navigating the pandemic while everybody is masked.

El Secreto

A youth discusses the lack of access to mental health help and education in her community.


A film about how a youth in the latinx community may feel shameful when experiencing signs of struggling with mental health or a mental illness.