Through the Lens of Culture

1st Generation

A youth feels pressure from his family to succeed, but a friend helps him feel empowered and connects him with a trusted adult.

Dear Lee

This film “looks at the challenges of Mental Health from an LGBTQ+ perspective. [The character] Lee faces struggles and is advised by a friend to attend a GSA meeting where he can make new friends and find comfort.”

Mentally Changed

The filmmakers shared, “Through the video we wanted to share how the effects of our culture as African-Americans can put our mental health in the background of the other problems that we face in life, and that shouldn’t be the case. We wanted to stress the importance of having a healthy relationship with your mental health.”

Life Expectations

As a first generation Hispanic youth, a student faces high expectations and pressure but decides to ask for help from the school counselor.


A girl discusses the impact of trauma on her brother’s daily functioning, and how her family reaches out for mental health services which helps him recover.

Through the Lens of Culture

The filmmakers shared, “Our group decided to interview our fellow peers from school to hear their individual perspective on the topic of Mental Health in their culture.”

United By Humanity

Differences and commonalities are highlighted between a group of students, who share a message of unity and understanding.

We’re Still Human

The filmmakers shared, “Our team at TVHS decided to create ‘We’re Still Human’ to spread awareness of the effects social isolation and alienation can have on a deaf or hard-of-hearing person.”