Through the Lens of Culture

Los Hombres No Lloran

The youth behind “Los Hombres No Lloran” shared that making the film showed them the importance of looking at issues through others’ perspectives and understanding different experiences. The film is also a testament to the power of storytelling to open hearts and minds to new ideas.

Generations Talking

This film portrays a spectrum of the different cultural perspectives on mental health, showing how different generations and communities can support each other.

Three Of Me

“Three of Me” explores the rich family history and mental health experiences of the student filmmakers behind it. The film is a reminder that youth, no matter their age, can make a difference within their homes and cultures when it comes to mental health.


“Bloom” addresses the intersectionality of struggling with mental health as an immigrant or child of immigrants. The film analyzes the guilt of talking about mental health struggles when trying to be grateful for the better life your family fought for and explores the varied coping mechanisms immigrants and their children may use.

Cleanse Your Mind

The youth behind “Cleanse Your Mind” wanted to put a different spin on the topic of mental health in Latino communities by focusing on both relatable personal experiences and their positive aspects.

Mi Querido Bello

This short film follows a young girl who has recently lost her grandfather. She finds herself struggling with the loss and feels like she doesn’t have anyone to turn to. The main message of the film is that if you see someone struggling, you should not hesitate to help them.

Who Am I to Complain

“Who am I to Complain” centers on the eldest daughter in a Vietnamese family who struggles with mental health due to stress and the pressures of perfectionism. Though she is initially unsupported, she doesn’t lose hope and decides to get help.


This film explores mental health through the lens of Vietnamese culture, touching on identity, communication, and inter-generational barriers.

Hues of Hope

“Hues of Hope” centers on Billy, a character that could represent anyone suffering from mental illness. The story of Billy shows his growth as he gains strength from his friends to advocate for himself, eventually getting the help he needs.

La Lucha Invisible

“La Lucha Invisible” acknowledges how difficult it can be to reach out in the Hispanic community and encourages those who are struggling to find the courage to seek help.