Through the Lens of Culture


Film about a deaf student, who relied on lip reading, navigating the pandemic while everybody is masked.

El Secreto

A youth discusses the lack of access to mental health help and education in her community.


A film about how a youth in the latinx community may feel shameful when experiencing signs of struggling with mental health or a mental illness.


A film about the personal experience of a transgender youth navigating an often hostile and unhelpful society, and the impact this has on thier mental health.

Love Wins

LQBTQ students communicate the importance of reaching out and seeking help, that you are not alone.

Me is You

Language: Hmong with English subtitles
A Hmong boy tells his story of depression and encourages viewers to move forward and seek help.

I’m Here for You

Language: Punjabi and English with English subtitles
A teen opens up to her sister about needing help and at first is not received with a supportive response, but later her sister changes her mind and chooses to help her sister.

Mental health in Asian Americans

I chose this category because I know people who are or have been through this situation. Not only that, I can relate to this video as well.

Hablar Con Confianza

A news announcement about the importance of talking about mental health in the Latinx community.

Why Waste Rice?”

I chose this category because growing up in a traditional Filipino household meant that I grew up thinking that mental illness was something that a person did to themselves. When my aunt and cousin had their psychotic episodes, my family would deem it as their fault and let it go on for too long. Through this project, I eventually learned that it was a common Filipino stigma and not just something my family made me believe. In 2018, the Philippines finally passed the first mental health bill to provide funding for treating mental illnesses, which is extraordinary considering how long the U.S. has worked to overcome this stigma. Unfortunately, many older generational Filipinos still pass down this mindset to their children, who in turn don’t ask for help when they need it. Seeing and experiencing this first hand, prompted me to make this film for my fellow Filipino-Americans.