Calling YOU to Vote

A student explains the history of voting and the importance of casting your ballot on election day.

The Cat

In my artwork, I incorporated the world throughout the vision of a black cat. The people looking out of the art piece are the viewers that can only see half of a man’s body, focusing only on the cat and the butterfly. Since we cannot see much of the man, we look directly at them. I wanted to demonstrate a moment that I have a lof in my life where I just feel tired, or too stressed to focus on the small things of life, which is what the black cat and the butterfly show; they demonstrate the beauty on the small things in life, that sometimes can go unnoticed by others since we tend to stress ourselves by focusing only on the future and on what we need to work on. What makes me get through the rough and stressful times is simply do like the black cat, which is look at the small things that life provides us, and just for a minute stop to appreciate them. This is what gives me hope and power to keep going.

Relief for the Chained

My painting shows the injustice within the world and a dove is blooming out of the center of the earth. People are kind people as long as we try to be. Sadly, colored people are generally oppressed which is why the arms supporting the earth is a brown color. The shards of the earth is also cracking and falling towards the ground as seen in the picture. I would like to note that the hands were inspired from the internet. But I did come up with the idea.