The Black Dot

My poem discusses feelings people feel while experiencing suicidal thoughts and depression.

You have value, there is always hope

A student cries out for help at school, as the stress of life proves to be overwhelming just as it feels hopeless to continue, a NAMI activist showcases a helping hand, as everyone has someone to help them, and provide hope for brighter days.

Don’t Lose Sight of Hope

I chose this category because I know many people who struggle to find the good in life. I wrote it in the hope of advocating to look for the good. Through this project I too learned how to better look for the good in life.

Mental Health Podcast PSA

Depression is not always apparent. We can end the stigma surrounding mental health illness. There is always hope.

Holding On

I wanted to try and help people with the things I have gone through. Knowing these things bring more understanding towards these types of issues and I hate to see people go through trauma.

Living Hope

COVID-19 has created anxiety, fear, and uncertainty among the majority. COVID-19 is responsible for the many hardships people are facing. There are less jobs, limited money and food, and many events are cancelled, delayed, or removed. A message of hope is needed to spark a new beginning, so I’ve presented this film to hopefully inspire and encourage at least one person. I want people to watch this and be optimistic about the future and have hope, no matter the circumstances.

You’re Not Alone

I feel no one really knows how someone may feel or the reason they feel that way. People could be going through the worst and we may never know by them hiding it so well. We have lost many over the years of those who felt like they didn’t matter that felt pain they couldn’t truly define. Many who thought their life didn’t matter who thought they had no one. I wish that through this poster they know that truly they aren’t alone. I myself would say I struggle with telling myself I’m not alone or questioning why I should stay but the poster can be used as a reminder to tell everyone they matter do it for your family loved ones don’t just give up on your battle your truly not alone…

You’re Not Alone

The visual art illustrates a supportive friend helping her friend in need. Although she has tried multiple times to help him, she finally refers him to professional help where he can finally get the advice he needs.

Love Your Body

I choose this category because I want to bring awareness to it. I had once lost a lot of weight due to me being very sad. It was fairly noticeable and people started to commented about it. Some of the words surrounded by the women in the drawing are what people said to me. I then started to binge eat in order to gain back all the weight I lost. I would try to eat as much food as I could, unespecially unhealthy ones. I wish I would’ve known back then that there were oraginzations out there willing to help me.

Never Alone

In Middle School, so many students feel like they are alone. It doesn’t matter what culture or language- we all share that same struggle. Thankfully- knowing we are not alone has great power in every language. The students at DAB want others to know that you are NEVER ever alone.