Finish Strong

A guy is struggling with grades and mental health gets offered to run for the track team and enjoys it, ultimately finding his anchor.

My Anchor is Hope

Many feel that there is no hope in the future, and that they can’t find an anchor for themselves. I just want to share that there is a hope, and many might find my source of hope unexpected, but I know it’s true.

Go Find Your Anchor

We focused the short song around the topic of “Finding Your Anchor” and through all the complications and hardships, we got it done. This is our product, imperfections and all.


Whenever I feel down or lonely, I find comfort in my friends. I like feeling the comfort that I get when I am surrounded with familiar faces. That is why in this animation, I created the image of me being happy while being surrounded by my friends.

Two sides to every story

This video shows two students who are going through tough experiences that they can’t handle on their own. When they meet each other everything calms and they use each other as their “anchor.” We thought that we could help encourage others to find someone who can help them.


My entry is about my friends and how I enjoy hanging out with them. My submission relates back to the required content because my video shows my anchor.

The Feeling of Finding Your Anchor

My submission shows what life is like when you find yourself living in the moment instead of worrying about the before and after, your purpose, and the little things that keep you going. Imagine having scenes of your life play back right in front of you, and you suddenly reminisce all that is good. All the amazing things you have experienced and can look forward to. It also shows it is okay not to have a dream, and you can just aspire to be happy and have fun.

Future of boxing

My submission is a short video mainly about boxing and why it anchors me in so many ways. I talked about why I love the sport of boxing a lot.

What’s Your Anchor?

Our entry was about how finding you anchor could the little things in life, you just have to find them. This relates to the required content because it is a 30 second titkok representing to find your anchor

A helping hand

Our entry is a psa style video that demonstrates, when someone is feeling down friends or family will be there to help you up.