Music and Mental Health

I play the violin and it helps me with my mental health. In my drawing, the girl wears her headphones to listen to music, because she is stressed. […] When I draw, I wear my headphones, close my eyes, and use my imagination to start my “magic” — that’s what I call my art

Music and My Mood

Music impacts my mental health positively, especially when I am feeling down. I can relate to lyrics and feel understood when I listen to a song. Music guides me through difficult times and leaves me feeling more positive

A Walk in the Garden

Writing and playing music allows me to feel at peace. It allows me to connect to my true self and to God. When I play, there is a sense of peace, and wholeness that allows me to keep going without a sense of doubt or negativity. Music, I find therapeutic. Let’s say I feel stressed. I go into my room and play my guitar, piano, or even listen to music. This is calming to me and lowers my heart beat.

Musical Connection

Music can connect people or make us feel connected to others. Music can lift spirits, give us energy, and touch our souls, which in turn improves our mental health. My dad often sings a specific Chinese song from his childhood, whose title translates to “Spring in the North.” […] The song essentially talks about how spring is fleeting, arriving and then leaving quickly. […] This prompt immediately reminded me of my dad, and I have always connected with him through music because he loves to sing.

Save Me

Our song “Save Me” is a three minute long original song that conveys the challenges of mental health. Using music as a way to relieve stress and to give many unseen teens a voice through our song. Bringing awareness to the mental health issues that kids nowadays develop as a result of lack of love and support from loved ones. Often times we find ourselves feeling alone in a room full of people we’ve known our whole lives. Yet it feels like none of them listen to our cries for help. Therefore, we present “Save Me” as a saving grace, not just for us, but for everyone who deals with the same problems.

Christmas Mix

Our entry is a fun song to listen to with your family on Christmas.

Underneath The Mask

The song talks about how a person may seem like they are doing well based on their outside appearance, however, what they are feeling, what they are going through isn’t the same as your assumption. The lyrics talk about how a person is doing ,mentally, and why they hide what they’re feeling. There are several reasons as to why someone would hide their sadness, it could be the prejudice against depression, it could be because they feel as though no one else feels what they are feeling, it could be due to embarrassment, or it could be because of something else. No matter the reason, not everyone who looks happy, is happy.

These Days

These Days states issues that people with poor mental health may face, and brings awareness to common feelings that we all might relate to at times in our life. It’s a struggle and constant cycle to break free of depression while trying to feel happiness a person once had. We feel that both composing and listening to music allows us to express ourselves with these emotions that we face.


My song ‘Cookies’ represents the mindset of someone with an eating disorder. This song is meant to promote awareness towards the emotions people in this situation feel and create more sympathy to this problem.


This piece is about the hope and resilience of the Ukrainians in the War raged by Russian leader, President Vladimir Putin. When the war first began many photographers and jourlists captured the devastation and shock of Ukrainians. A photo was captured of a woman awaiting a train out of Kyiv. The way her hands were held together and the way she looked made me want to understand her emotions. She looked terrorized by the uncertainty of her country’s situation. But later this year, as the war unfolds the morale of the Ukrainians shows power. Once predicted not to even last 3 months, they have lasted almost 10 and counting. The Ukrainian people had hope and something to fight for. I think this women embodies both the terror and the flickering hope that has overrun Ukraine.