Mental Health

Get Help

A window into the thoughts of a youth experiencing overwhelming stress. After talking with a friend who says that it takes courage to get help, she sees a school counselor who helps her manage her stress.

A Night Out

The filmmakers shared, “Kate challenges her social anxiety and joins a friend for dinner after being inspired by a social media video she came across. Our video inspires viewers to take action by stepping out of their comfort zone and challenging intrusive thoughts.”

Life in Time Lapse

A youth opens up about struggles at home, and her friend empathizes with her situation and suggests seeing a school counselor, as it’s helped her in the past.

The Gifts You Can Give

A film about mental health during the holidays and the expectation to appear happy to others. A youth opens up to a close friend about about her experience with depression and realizes that she needs support.

Choosing recovery

A film about the effects of disordered eating on physical and mental health and an encouraging message about how to take steps towards recovery.

I Matter

Youth share their struggles, worries, and hopes, and the film reminds the viewer that their mental health matters.

Nosotros / We

In this Spanish-language film, students share their perspective on importance of youth mental health.

Smiling Through Depression

Explores “smiling depression,” or the ability to function well on the outside while experiencing depression. The film encourages viewers to encourage healthy behaviors in loved ones.

Never Alone

The filmmakers shared, “Even though some people do not show their struggles, that does not mean they do not need help. The focus was to inform students to reach out to their friends and others to ask how they’re feeling.”

People Talk

A film about how to be an advocate for mental health and what not to say to someone who is struggling.