Mental Health


A film about social media and the pressures on youth to filter their images.

Not an Adjective

A film about the misunderstandings about OCD, and one youth’s experience with her diagnosis.

First Step

Two youths recognize symptoms of anixety and depression within themselves, and take the difficult but ultimately rewarding first step to get help.


A film discussing mental health and emotions with a creative use of painted fingerprints.

You Aren’t Alone

I chose this category because I’ve seen many of my loved ones struggle with their mental health, and some even lose their battle against it. My sister has never been one to open up and talk to people about her issues, and that eats her up inside. Doing research and digging into more details about this matter has helped me learn how to carefully approach people like my sister, and get them to open up about it a little bit.

Mental health in Asian Americans

I chose this category because I know people who are or have been through this situation. Not only that, I can relate to this video as well.

The Comeback

A student swimmer describes how he realizes that something feels different about his mental health. He finds support from his team, family and others to seek help for his sadness and stress.

You Never Know

While chatting with her friend, a girl opens up that she’s been struggling and needs support. The film shares signs of depression and how a friend can be supportive by connecting someone who is struggling with a trusted adult and reminds viewers that you are never alone.


A stop motion film that expolores what it’s like for a girl who is living with depression.