Mental Health

The Anxious Mind

Students who participate in different clubs and activities at school show that they all experience challenges with thrie mental health at times.

Each Mind Matters

A film about ways to cope with mental health challenges by finding support and doing things you enjoy.

The Mental Blanket

A film that talks about views on mental health in the Vietnamese community and how to reduce stigma.

Discovering May

A transgender woman shares her story of discovering her identity.


A group of friends talk on a video call about the changes they have noticed in their friend’s behavior and reach out to him to check in.


A girl decides to reach out for help and notices positive changes in herself once she gets the help she needs.

Help Me to Grow

This PSA is about a Vietnamese girl who is afraid of ruining her family name because of the emotions she has been feeling. She knows that it is not common in her culture to tell everyone about the feelings they are feeling, but she knows that family is what matters and that if she can help someone they can help her.

The Conversation

“The Conversation” is a film about how much communication matters in both family and language, English and Spanish.

Salud Mental

A Latina youth shares the difficulty she and others in her community have sharing their feelings with their families. She is inspired by SanaMente, California’s mental health movement, and decides to help herself and others in her community by talking openly about mental health