Mental Health Matters


Film about a deaf student, who relied on lip reading, navigating the pandemic while everybody is masked.

El Secreto

A youth discusses the lack of access to mental health help and education in her community.


A film about how a youth in the latinx community may feel shameful when experiencing signs of struggling with mental health or a mental illness.


A film about the personal experience of a transgender youth navigating an often hostile and unhelpful society, and the impact this has on thier mental health.

I’m Here for You

Language: Punjabi and English with English subtitles
A teen opens up to her sister about needing help and at first is not received with a supportive response, but later her sister changes her mind and chooses to help her sister.

Another Light

This film portrays two girls who reach out to people they trust and get the resources and help that they need.

Stronger Together

A boy exhibits changes in his behavior and gets diagnosed with depression. His friends notice these changes and reach out to support him.

To Help A Friend

One friend is sad. The other friend notices that they are acting different from how they normally are. They go over and talk to them and telling them that they are there for them.

Don’t Wait

We created our film to help decrease the stigma around Mental Health by showing that reaching out for help is good. Our main character struggles with her mental health issues but decides to share what she’s feeling with a friend. She realizes that there’s no shame in reaching out and that getting help improves her life.

Frozen Sunshine

A girl is “frozen” by her mental health challenges, but her friend directly asks her what she needs to better understand how to help.