Mental Health Matters


A young women who feels pressure to live up to expectations is scared to tell others about her mental illness but her fears are allayed when she is met with understanding and support by family and friends.

Speak Up

By showing a student struggling get through his day while physically injured, filmmakers make apparent that ailing physical health is impossible to ignore and that the same should go for our mental health.

A Fighting Chance

Living with mental illness can often feel like fighting through the fear, isolation and anxiety. Yet the filmmakers remind us we don’t have to fight this fight alone.

I Am Me

Filmmakers remind their audience there is more to a person than the depression or anxiety they may experience. Many facets make up an individual we are not defined by one thing alone.

A Mile in thier Shoes

This filmmaker advises the audience to not judge others until you’ve “walked a mile in their shoes.”

Reach Out

‘“Reach Out” is about a student who is struggling with her mental health and is scared to ask for help but eventually finds that the school has a support system through the counselors. It shows that when you’re in need of help, there is always hope that someone can help you out,” the filmmakers shared.

Together We Matter

“I realize I’m not alone anymore, I feel OK again.” Filmmakers urge youth to reach out and share how they’re feeling.

Side Effects

What’s the wrong and right way to reach out to someone who is struggling? This film uses humor to show the viewer how to support a friend or peer.

Unmask Your Feelings

Encourages teens to “unmask” their feelings when dealing with mental health issues and the effects of social media.