Mental Health Matters

Frozen Sunshine

A girl is “frozen” by her mental health challenges, but her friend directly asks her what she needs to better understand how to help.

It’s More Common Than You Think

This wasn’t my original film plan, but I had to improvise. I had no idea if it would even come together until i started editing it: everything fell into place. I am super satisfied with the product and hope it will affect many. The song in this film is one I wrote last year on my guitar… it sounded like something you’d hear in one of those trendy shorts you come across online; and sis was here for that. #enjoy


Chandler realizes the difficulties he is facing through his life. His anxiety begins to overwhelm him when things in his life begin to pile on his plate. He find that he needs to talk to someone he trust about his situation and lets his mother know.


A boy with depression learns he’s not the only one struggling, so he shares his story to make others feel less alone.

Feeling Locked

This film encourages youth to open up to others about their mental health and to reach out for help.

This Is Me

A student’s story about how life isn’t always what it looks like on social media and how opening up to friends about mental health challenges can be uplifting.