You Have Me :)

My entry is about my friend called Ava who’s been stressing out about her school work and extracurriculars. I want her to know that I will always be by her side and support her no matter what. And I hope through listening to this song, she can feel better and keep going.

Where I Want To Be In Fifteen Years

My entry is about the job I want to have in the future. I hope to become an architect and create many buildings in this world. It would be fun to design houses and bring that creation to life. Architecture is something I would love spending the rest of my life doing.

Promising Future

I wanted to show myself as I am now, holding the lime green ribbon representing mental health. For my future, I thought about action statements that would help me become the best that I can be. All of that ends at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which would be my successful future where I’m happy, healthy, full of hope and loved.

Pieces of Myself

Dear Future Max,
Don’t forget to take some time out to care for yourself! You can care for yourself when you lose yourself in music, when you are a part of nature and forget about all your worries when you’re playing soccer!

Hobbies Should Be Habits!

Dear Future Ava,
You should encompass your hobbies of painting, meditation and healthy cooking into daily habits so you could always feel self love!

My Bright Future

Kaylie created this drawing to show who she is now, and who she plans to be in the future. Her 2022 self holds the green ribbon of mental health to show she cares about her mental health. The drawing of her 2027 self is wearing all lime green- she wanted people to know she will follow her own action steps to good mental health to be the best she can be! Her goals are clearly designed to set her up for success- she wants to graduate high school ready to live her best life.

Focus On You!

My drawing represents an image of me reading and drinking water which shows how I am taking care of myself to cope with mental health. I have a dog named Benji on my side with the Mental Health Awareness Green Ribbon around his neck to represent how much my dog has increased my happiness. While taking my time into this drawing, I learned how much I’ve improved my mental health, I realized I was happy and not stressed as much.

Dear Me

The piece “Dear Me” depicts how I currently take care of my mental health–journaling and writing down my worries and stressors. I hope that one day, I can look back on all my journal entries as a fond reminder of the past, rather than as something that holds painful memories. Additionally, the background shows practices I wish to incorporate into my daily routine in the future to take better care of my mental health, such as meditating and taking better care of my body.

Realizing Truth

My entry expresses my anxiety about the environment. Fear should not be seen as a weakness but strength because without fear there is no bravery. By painting this I expressed that with every new year I receive more knowledge which may scare me and crack the safety of the walls I have put up but the new information can also inform me about things that are happening in the world in which I may do something about.

We Are All Human, Let Us Have Peace

I chose this category because it is something that I feel very strongly about. I want peace and justice in the world. I want everyone to be treated equally and I want everyone to feel included and accepted no matter their race, gender, or sexuality.