Dear Jane

Dear Jane shows that life gets better, and even the happiest people struggle, everyone does. Your future self is rooting for you and would give you a big hug if they could. I want people to know it’s okay to struggle right now, but it gets better.

Was it worth it?

My film gives people the perspective of what it is like to be someone who thinks that their future is all that matters. It shows how much time I put into working, which impacted the time I was able to spend on myself. It’s okay to be human and make mistakes. The main goal of my film was to tell others that we are all humans, not working robot and knowing when to stop is just as important as working hard.

A Letter from You

We created a film around the idea of self-love and the journey that it can take to get there. The film follows a teenage girl who speaks to her future self in a heartfelt letter. She gives words of encouragement, hope, and most importantly, love as the one who knows her future self’s hardships best.

Dear Future Me

I decided to use my little sister to represent my younger self to show my growth as a person. This was to show how I was able to persevere and grow up.

Dear Me, What If?

“Dear Me, What If” is about the power of having dreams, and making them come true. Right now we are young, but all of us can accomplish great things if we take care of our mental health now. There are no limits on dreams, and each one of us can do anything we set our minds to. No matter what we become, we have the ability to change the world – one “if” at a time.

Hope in us

Our submission is about ideas to give you hope while going through a though time. We provided a few tips with tangible actions to take. The idea was to ensure that students have an opportunity to have “toolkit” in case of needing help.

Getting Over the Hurdles in Life

My entry is about what I do to get through hard times in life and what I believe will help you get through those dark times. I also provide examples of what one might have to go through and how to keep on going even though it is hard sometimes. It could give readers hope and can motivate one to keep pushing even when things get rough.

What is Hope?

Our video is meant to show what others think hope is or what they are hoping for. We hope that people will feel encouraged by this to share their hope with the world and not be scared to show their hopes and dreams.