Too Faced

My art shows that even if someone looks happy all the time, they aren’t. You just need to look deeper not just see what you want to.

“When the world can be yours”

When the world can be yours, art projects allowed the creators of these projects to use visual, logical, and social-interpersonal learning styles to capture the attention of the Ramona High School students and, more importantly, to promote Mental Health dialogue among one another.

This Art Project required a great deal of internal reflection and dialogue to consider how to voice the concerns of our RAMS and how to reassure others that it’s truly okay to ask for help.

Thinking of you

I choose this category because i have stress and even sometimes feel sad i want to bring awareness to such a topic like this.

The Need for Lady Justice

In this piece I wanted to depict Lady Justice “looking” upon earth. Since Lady Justice is an important symbol used across the earth, I wanted to illustrate the aura of fairness, opportunity and justice that she exhibits. As people fight for justice across the world they look towards the symbol of Lady Liberty in their fight and I feel as though this is an important concept that deserves to be showcased.

Time to Move On (TMO)

This entry is an original song created as a collaborative effort. The song looks to motivate others to tap into their strengths and supports to overcome the obstacles of our life experience.
Listen here

Sy(STEM)ic Sexism – Rosalind Franklin

“Rosalind Franklin was a woman who made exceptional contributions to the discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA. Her utilization of X-ray crystallography was arguably the most important key regarding the discovery, however,  for a long time, she received little acknowledgement despite her efforts. Two scientists researching the topic became aware of the structure and published their realizations – Franklin was scarcely mentioned in their work. The scientists would go on to receive a Nobel prize for their discovery, while people debated whether Franklin would have received the Nobel prize if she were alive. Although her contributions are more well known, she was never alive to witness the fruits of her labor, teaching us the importance of discussing sexism in STEM.”


“The meaning behind my piece is that you don’t have to struggle when you are at your worst. You can talk about what’s happening within you instead of letting it build up like I once did.”

Journal of Secrets

“My poem tells the story of a person whose journal binding broke, releasing all the pages they wrote on during a hard time in their life. As they gather the pages up again, they begin to realize just how far they’ve come from that dark place. They bind the pages together again with a green ribbon, the symbol of mental health awareness, so that whenever they find themselves in crisis again, it is there as a reminder that things do get better.”

Hope Flows

The entry is a visual representation of how hope can flow from pain to create even more love.