Hopes for 2023

The Way Of Music – Who is She TBH

“My video is about music and the way that music can bring hope to others. The meaning of music for me is it can make you express what you want to feel. The fact that music can just make you fall into it. Also, music can help just by listening to it you can just get into it without thinking you are. You can overanalyze every word you hear in music. If you feel down you can just drown every single one of your feelings in lyrics. If you need someone to comfort you can use music to help with your comfort you. The meaning is it can help with your feeling and it can change your mood however you want to take it. Music can be a way to talk without using your own words.”

Goals for 2023

“In my film, I talk about my hopes and goals for 2023. I include my own personal goals, my hopes for my loved ones, and my hopes for my community.”

Let’s restart.

“Now that 2023 has officially started, it gives us yet another chance to start over, and what we can do in order to better ourselves for the new year. As they say, “new year, new me”, it is time to prove it, and the time starts now. I wanted to share this animation to show that with another chance and a good mindset, anything can be achieved. Better to do it now than later before time catches up. I wish all a happy new year!”

Goals for 2023

“In this film, I talk about my three goals for the new year.”

Hopes for LMMS 2023

“Our entry is about interviewing students at Landmark Middle School from six through eighth grade. We asked them about their hopes for this school year and they gave a short, descriptive response.”


“This illustration highlights my most basic hopes for 2023 by using four mini drawings compiled into one larger drawing. The first section represents my hope to stay healthy throughout 2023, as I like to play beach volleyball and run on the beach. The second is about keeping my grades up and meeting my goal to get the same grades as previous years. The third is to be able to connect and grow closer with my friends. The last section is to be more spiritually active and to read the bible. I currently don’t, but the pastors keep emphasizing the importance of reading the Bible, so I hope to try it soon. I embedded the number “2023” in the artwork to be more specific and convey meaning more obviously.”

Character Over Stereotypes

“For 2023 I wish that stereotypes stop defining who we are as a person, and we are defined by our own selves no matter what ethnicity. I wanted to include some of the most common stereotypes that have been used in the past couple years and put them up on a cork board because I know that cork boards/any type of board are some of the most common ways to spread helpful/encouraging words. An example could be billboards which are set up on streets giving out helpful information to people as they drive by, or even motivational writings.”

The Hopeful Year

“My submission represents my hopes for 2023. I’m graduating high school during the 2023 year, so I wanted to emphasize this as the focus point since it will be the biggest accomplishment that I will soon experience. Growing up and graduating high school can carry a lot of fear and anxiety for me, so I decided that I should reverse these feelings and instead be excited and hopeful towards the bright future. In my painting I decided to draw myself in my future graduation gown holding a diploma with a green ribbon. I decided that the ribbon should be green because it represents mental health awareness. I’ve struggled with poor mental health for a large part of my life so one of my other hopes for 2023 would be taking more care of myself and mental health. By becoming more aware of my own needs, I’m hoping for my mental health to gradually become better this year. I surrounded myself in my painting with plants to show my hopes for growth. I will be going through a lot of changes, and I especially hope that I grow due to these changes. Specifically, the flowers beneath me are daffodils which symbolize new beginnings. The 2023 year for me will be filled with new beginnings and I’m hopeful that it will bring me a new outlook on life, success with college, and a healthy mind. I’m very hopeful for this upcoming year, and I wanted to show this as best as I could through my piece.”


“For my entry, I wanted to show that I am looking forward to the new memories I will make in 2023. I wanted to have photos represent the memories because I feel like photos are connected to memories – people take photos to remember certain events in their lives. Each photo shows my overall feelings about each year so I made the photo for 2023 really bright because I’m hoping that it will be better than previous years. During the pandemic I couldn’t make the same type of memories that I had in the years before. I was stuck at home and couldn’t really hang out with anyone except for my immediate family and even then, we couldn’t do the same things we used to. I’m really hoping for this year to be good, especially because I will be graduating this year.”