High School

Are you ok?

“All it takes is one message to ask if someone is ok. It may be hard to reach out, but in the end it will be worth it. I believe it’s important to share how we feel. We should feel no shame in telling our friends about our mental health.”

Persistence is Key

“When you know your friend is struggling, you’ve got to be persistent. They may be afraid to ask for help or talk to someone about their problems. You’ve got to make them feel seen and let them know they can come to you and that they aren’t a problem. It’s never good to leave someone suffering. Always check up on them.”

Are You Alright

“My entry is about how having someone check in on you can make you feel. For me, it has always given me hope that things will get better and reassured me that people care. For someone who is struggling with their mental health, someone who thinks they matter is the greatest gift. Reaching out to someone who struggles with their mental health can make them happy.”

I’m here for you

“This submission is about a boy who is having a hard time with comments from the internet, and it’s taking a toll on his mental health. Then, his sister comes in to check on how he is doing; she wants her brother to know that she is there for him to talk to. I am the oldest of three siblings, and my brother and my sister and I have all been close ever since we were young. I always want them to come to me if they have problems.”

Coyote Corner

“Our film highlights a unique spot at Buena Park High School. It’s more than just a room, it’s where we go when things get tough. Here, you’re never just another face in the crowd – you’re greeted, heard, and supported. It’s about the everyday reassurance that we’re not alone in this.”

Definition of Me

I chose this painting because it is a quiet and peaceful forest at night. When I am stressed out I think about a forest like my illustration to help calm down and refocus. This empowers me and makes me feel strong and in control of my life. I am used to being around a lot of people and chaos, so thinking of a quiet forest alone gives me comfort.


My painting “Recovering” is about my anchor. Last year after coming back to school and getting involved with several school activities, I had some problems with mental health- overthinking stuff, getting pressured, not managing my time wisely- so I had to find a way to go back and make an anchor. As I was working on this art piece, I thought about what my anchor is and how I use it. Since I thought that I needed to focus and concentrate on my studying and academics, I chose studying as my anchor and started using my schoolwork to help me refocus and give myself a sense of accomplishment.

Disco Snail

My entry is a hand sewn plushy of a beige snail. it has a zipper embedded in its muted jade green shell which hides a colorful florescent pocket of life within. My submission is about how hand sewing helps me to refocus and anchor myself back down to the earth whenever I get overwhelmed or stressed. The muted tones on the outside of the plush represent the stress, pressure, and tiredness that daily life brings, while the bright inside contrasts by showcasing the creativity and childish joy that lays hidden and dormant throughout a person’s life until they relearn to anchor themselves and live life in the moment rather than as a spectator.

Feeling the Melody

When I saw the “Find your Anchor” monthly prompt, I thought about how much I enjoyed listening to music when I felt down. I thought of the song “Sunday Best” by Surfaces and drew how I felt when listening to that song. I ended up with a sunny background with music notes around my character. In the drawing I am wearing a purple cropped shirt, baggy black pants, a jean jacket, and an off-white pair of shoes. I also have on a pair of red-black spotted earbuds to make it clear that I am listening to music. I chose for my character to be jumping downwards as listening to music is a rush of happiness that is pleasant to me.

Light in the Dark

In this piece music is my anchor. Intricate melodies help me find the light when I feel stuck in the dark. Music gives me hope. Hope that whatever problem I am facing will soon be resolved. That is why I have chosen music as my anchor.