High School

Self Reflection.

This piece is about the importance of self reflection, and how it can even be therapeutic at times. Whenever I am braving a difficult time it can be really refreshing to just sit down and process it. It’s really just talking to yourself and showing yourself compassion like you would any other person going through difficult times. This strategy helped me a lot with self love and processing my emotions. In the end it made me a lot more honest with myself and I learned that if you learn to love yourself and be friends with yourself you’ll never be lonely.

Illuminating Hope in the Shadows

This piece serves as a visual reminder inspiring viewers to find hope even in the darkest moments and encouraging them to reflect on their experiences. It invites them to embrace resilience, believe in their own strength, and hold onto the unwavering light of hope.

Finding Strength

My poem paints a picture of finding refuge in nature’s embrace, seeking solace beneath the starry sky, losing oneself in the world of literature, and finding comfort in the arms of loved ones. It illustrates the interconnectedness of human experience with the natural world and the power of relationships in providing support and encouragement.

Turning The Page

We want viewers to be able to relate to the film, but our true goal was to share and express the feeling of overcoming a hard time in life and to share hope through a personal story. We just have to keep that hope alive no matter what.

Never A Bother

Our short film delves into the internal struggles of a teenager grappling with mental health issues. The narrative centers around the protagonist’s inner debate about reaching out to friends, teachers, and family for support.

Never a Bother Only A Helper

I created this piece because I believe it’s something others such as students like myself can relate to and deeply relate to it.

Eye Care About You

My entry for ‘You Are Never a Bother’ is a piece that is very personal to me. I was able to positively change someone’s life, and I asked that person how it made them feel. Receiving words of encouragement like “you are not a bother” really helped uplift them.


Moving to a new school in a different district was pretty hard at the start. I had gone to school with people I’ve known since kindergarten and all of a sudden I felt like I didn’t belong to any where. But one day I worked up enough courage to ask if I could eat lunch with girl in my orchestra class and it was the best decision. So, this is for my best friend who has lit up my world during these past difficult years.