The Student Support System

“My idea focuses on an advantage of returning to school- the ability to connect with friends, and the support and relief friends can provide.”

broken glass

“The glass represents things falling apart and shattering but also being free and the toys relate back to a time when one was a child. My world feels like there isn’t the rule of gravity to hold it down in place but everything is in its own motion choosing to go whichever way it pleases.”

Space with Music

“Persolly, music is really helpful for me at school and other places because it has the power lighten my mood and condition.”


“In these hard times a way that I’ve coped with these times is riding my bike.”

A rainy day

“I chose to show my gratitude towards rain. Rain for many people including myself, is a very special thing, especially living in Southern California.”


“This piece represents the power of music. Specifically, how it can take you to different worlds, somewhat becoming an escape from the stresses of reality.”

The Bloom of Hope

“I wanted to share how being around ture is a great comfort to me. I think it’s important to recognize the importance of appreciating ture, as well as taking care of it.”

Our Daily Life is a Present

“Even though they need to wear masks and have a tough workload in school, they are happy about having social interactions and having normal days with friends. The present box is tied with green ribbons, which represents mental health.”

Wings of Comfort

“I wanted to express how there is hope for those who are struggling in their lives and are desperate for help and may not know where to look.”

A High Schooler’s Backpack

“A High Schooler’s Backpack demonstrates how it can be overwhelming to be in high school, especially in the upperclassmen years. As hard as it is, it is important to keep going and trying your best.”