Gratitude Poem

I wrote a poem about gratitude and how I see it around me every day. I wrote specifically about the people that mean the most to me.

Thank you from me to you

“The poem I wrote about is how I am grateful for everyone in my life. How it relates to everyday life, and how gratitude is shown and appreciated.”


We put small images and messages in a collage that represent the things we are grateful for.

You have value, there is always hope

A student cries out for help at school, as the stress of life proves to be overwhelming just as it feels hopeless to continue, a NAMI activist showcases a helping hand, as everyone has someone to help them, and provide hope for brighter days.


My entry is a poem about what I am grateful for.

The Black Dot

My poem discusses feelings people feel while experiencing suicidal thoughts and depression.

Don’t Lose Sight of Hope

“This poem provides ideas and insight on ways you can find hope in dark times. It advises readers to never stop searching for hope and that hope. That the reader is not alone.”

You Aren’t Alone

I chose this category because I’ve seen many of my loved ones struggle with their mental health, and some even lose their battle against it. My sister has never been one to open up and talk to people about her issues, and that eats her up inside. Doing research and digging into more details about this matter has helped me learn how to carefully approach people like my sister, and get them to open up about it a little bit.

Mental health in Asian Americans

I chose this category because I know people who are or have been through this situation. Not only that, I can relate to this video as well.

Don’t Lose Sight of Hope

I chose this category because I know many people who struggle to find the good in life. I wrote it in the hope of advocating to look for the good. Through this project I too learned how to better look for the good in life.