Love Wins

LQBTQ students communicate the importance of reaching out and seeking help, that you are not alone.

Me is You

Language: Hmong with English subtitles
A Hmong boy tells his story of depression and encourages viewers to move forward and seek help.

Moving Too Fast

This film depicts the struggle of a teen contemplating suicide. Life speeds past her as she feels out of touch and hopeless. A close friend notices the warning signs, reaches out to help, and offers numerous resources that provide further support.

Real Life Hero’s

Heroes don’t always look like Superman, Wonder Woman, or Iron Man, they can work in hospitals, fire departments, or even classrooms. With all the negativity around the world, we all deserve a hero. We need someone to give us inspiration and hope. Whoever your hero might be, whether it’s your mom, dad, or someone who you look up to, they are there to protect us from real-life evil and dangers. All heroes have one thing in common, they give us hope by making it known that they will overpower evil with their good hearts and kindness.

Creative Social Distancing

“My entry is for the monthly October Hope and Justice Prompt. My entry is about some ways we could identify 6 feet and social distance creatively. It is a 59 second animation.”

Stronger Together

A boy exhibits changes in his behavior and gets diagnosed with depression. His friends notice these changes and reach out to support him.

I Want You to Know That…

A film about the stress and mental health challenges that international students may face, in which a girl shares a message of empathy and hope.

You Are Not Alone

A friend notices a student is acting differently and talks to a counselor who provides the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The friend reaches out and helps the student.

Six Feet Apart

This film shares the importance of social distancing and ways to connect during the pandemic.