Del Barrio

A boy struggles with lack of family support and connection until he finds SaMente and is able to find the right path.

I Am Me

Filmmakers remind their audience there is more to a person than the depression or anxiety they may experience. Many facets make up an individual we are not defined by one thing alone.

Word Have Power

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind they can change the world.”

Saving a Friend

Breaking through a “wall” in this young persons life, involved leaning on friends for support and a sense of community.

Together We Matter

“I realize I’m not alone anymore, I feel OK again.” Filmmakers urge youth to reach out and share how they’re feeling.

Dear Best Friend

The intent of our film is to remind people that we should be aware of suicide along with the feelings of others. We hope our film is able to convey a lack of awareness about how other people may be feeling. Some people may be feeling alone and show signs of depression but others may see it as miss behaving.

Love Wins

LQBTQ students communicate the importance of reaching out and seeking help, that you are not alone.

Me is You

Language: Hmong with English subtitles
A Hmong boy tells his story of depression and encourages viewers to move forward and seek help.

I’m Here for You

Language: Punjabi and English with English subtitles
A teen opens up to her sister about needing help and at first is not received with a supportive response, but later her sister changes her mind and chooses to help her sister.