I’m Here for You

Language: Punjabi and English with English subtitles
A teen opens up to her sister about needing help and at first is not received with a supportive response, but later her sister changes her mind and chooses to help her sister.

La Familia es Todo

Language: Spanish with English subtitles
A family supports and helps a young girl as ‘family is everything’.
Una familia apoya y ayuda a una niña como ‘la familia es todo’.

Find the Words

This short is a brief reflection of my own experience in which my best friend found the words. I aimed to provide the three basic action steps someone could remember in a situation where they are concerned about someone they know. Although I wish I could have gotten more creative with my scenes, I did my best with the time allotment of 30 seconds.

Walking in Shoes of Depression

This video is about Walking in Shoes of Depression about a young girl who feels lost and helpless. However, one of her closest friends seemed concerned. All her friends happen to read notes from a box she left behind. They come to find out by reading the notes she doesn’t feel like she belongs on earth anymore. As a result, as a group, they went to check up on her to show she is not alone and show her distractions, love, and support! She doesn’t have to walk alone in shoes of depression.

Dear Best Friend

The intent of our film is to remind people that we should be aware of suicide along with the feelings of others. We hope our film is able to convey a lack of awareness about how other people may be feeling. Some people may be feeling alone and show signs of depression but others may see it as miss behaving.

Love Wins

LQBTQ students communicate the importance of reaching out and seeking help, that you are not alone.

Me is You

Language: Hmong with English subtitles
A Hmong boy tells his story of depression and encourages viewers to move forward and seek help.

Moving Too Fast

This film depicts the struggle of a teen contemplating suicide. Life speeds past her as she feels out of touch and hopeless. A close friend notices the warning signs, reaches out to help, and offers numerous resources that provide further support.

Real Life Hero’s

Heroes don’t always look like Superman, Wonder Woman, or Iron Man, they can work in hospitals, fire departments, or even classrooms. With all the negativity around the world, we all deserve a hero. We need someone to give us inspiration and hope. Whoever your hero might be, whether it’s your mom, dad, or someone who you look up to, they are there to protect us from real-life evil and dangers. All heroes have one thing in common, they give us hope by making it known that they will overpower evil with their good hearts and kindness.