Hope and Justice

Striking for Patients

My piece depicts the strikes nurses went on in order to protest a shortage of workers in the healthcare industry and the dangers faced by patients as a result of being treated by underpaid, overworked professionals. Strikes can serve as crucial tools for securing fair wages and hours.

One Note Can Go a Long Way

One message, as simple as it may be, can make a big difference to someone’s day. While it’s important to give yourself hope and find things that can help you get through the day, it’s also equally important to help others.

A much needed conversation

A simple conversation with someone can go a long way. My film shows the benefits of having a conversation about mental health.

A Lesson In Poetry

My piece, “A Lesson in Poetry”, is my way of expressing how much poetry means to me. I thought what better way than to discuss this with a poem, one of my favorite art forms. This piece tells the story of how I learned to write poetry from my dad throughout the years and how he really formed my love for it and how I write. “A Lesson in Poetry” is meant to be a guide for anyone looking to get into writing poetry or really writing of any kind. As something that has given me so much hope, I wanted to share its beauty with everyone who reads it by looking back on my journey as a poet.

Recreating me

The piece I created called “recreating me” is about living life with a different body image than what is percieved through social media and other social norms. My piece illustrates both the harshness and hateful discrimination from social media and social norms based around stretch marks and belly rolls. While i also integrate the softer accepting hand holding the figure accepting the imperfections. My piece is about breaking apart and ripping off the social norms and hateful words people will claim about you and reveal the true you underneath.


Kintsugi (meaning “golden joinery”) is the Japanese method of mending broken pottery with gold. […] I based my piece around the earthquake in March 2011 that I experienced when I lived in Japan. Many lives were lost, towns were destroyed by tsunamis, and the radiation plant disaster that followed left the country terrified of its potential effects. However, through all that, I watched the citizens uplift each other and find ways to cheer everyone up.


In light of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, the heartbreaking reality of violence and loss of innocent lives (especially among children) is deeply distressing. Regardless of one’s perspective on the conflict, there is a shared understanding that the lives of children should never be sacrificed in the name of vengeance.

Embrace the Light Within

My entry is a poetic journey through the complex and often challenging landscape of mental health. It begins in the quiet recesses of the mind, acknowledging the intricate and vast nature of one’s inner world. […] The poem concludes with a poignant call to embrace both the journey and the fight, acknowledging the resilience and beauty that can emerge even in the face of darkness.

Hope’s Eternal Glow

“One of the best ways I find hope is through writing. In this poem, I wrote about hope; and by writing this, I gave myself hope. I am a very hopeful person because of the artwork I do. Writing helps me express that hopefulness and makes it contagious to others.”


“My submission depicts a person sitting on a pedestal on a stage, with wings that are being cut. I meant for this to symbolize a child with a parent that expects great things from them while controlling them and stopping them from pursuing things they like. I created this artwork in hopes that the people who go through this could finally feel seen and heard.”