Hope and Justice

Forgive Yourself

I wanted to inform people about the importance of choosing to forgive yourself for past mistakes. These mistakes do not define you, and letting go of the resentment that you have for your past self ultimately allows for healing. But of course you cannot forgive on command, I just want people to know that whenever you are ready, it will be there for you.

Hope’s Impact

My submission is a poem focused on hope and its impact on the soul, or mental health. It has the purpose of spreading why hope is important and why others should have hope to hold onto.


I struggle with anxiety almost everyday and its changes my life style and how I view other people and myself.I always had anxiety since I was young and it effects my life. I wrote this poem to show a lttle bit of what my brain look like everyday!!

Little Dogs

Content Warning: This piece includes references to neglect and abuse of animals. I wrote a poem about hope.

Little Things

Content Warning: This artwork contains potentially triggering images that may evoke strong emotional responses or discomfort. “Little Things is meant to be a visceral representation of one’s darkest moment contradicted by the love poured into them by the people surrounding them. The title is in reference to the little things that can drive one to suicide, the little things that can make one want to stay alive, and the literal little things/people in the painting. This piece is meant to draw awareness to suicide and everyone affected by it.”


If you’re ever in a situation where your friend is acting distant and stops hanging out with you, then you should reach out to that person and offer them your support.

Get Better

This film is a story about a boy’s mental health journey.


The film is about finding hope in things, like practicing different methods of self-care and seeking help from others (such as licensed professionals, friends, or family).


A small bit of hope can not only bring life back into our lives, but can liberate us from our doubt, guilt, and despair.

Reach for the stars

This is a digital art piece of a young child reaching for the stars, where sunlight and stardust collide with each other, as well as a hand reaching out. By asking different people to take a look at this picture, I’ve learned that everyone sees and feels something different.