Hope and Justice

Hope in us

Our submission is about ideas to give you hope while going through a though time. We provided a few tips with tangible actions to take. The idea was to ensure that students have an opportunity to have “toolkit” in case of needing help.

Getting Over the Hurdles in Life

My entry is about what I do to get through hard times in life and what I believe will help you get through those dark times. I also provide examples of what one might have to go through and how to keep on going even though it is hard sometimes. It could give readers hope and can motivate one to keep pushing even when things get rough.

What is Hope?

Our video is meant to show what others think hope is or what they are hoping for. We hope that people will feel encouraged by this to share their hope with the world and not be scared to show their hopes and dreams.

You Have Me :)

My entry is about my friend called Ava who’s been stressing out about her school work and extracurriculars. I want her to know that I will always be by her side and support her no matter what. And I hope through listening to this song, she can feel better and keep going.

Realizing Truth

My entry expresses my anxiety about the environment. Fear should not be seen as a weakness but strength because without fear there is no bravery. By painting this I expressed that with every new year I receive more knowledge which may scare me and crack the safety of the walls I have put up but the new information can also inform me about things that are happening in the world in which I may do something about.

We Are All Human, Let Us Have Peace

I chose this category because it is something that I feel very strongly about. I want peace and justice in the world. I want everyone to be treated equally and I want everyone to feel included and accepted no matter their race, gender, or sexuality.

A Stance of Justice

I an an Indian and I feel a social and emotional struggle while trying to balance 2 different lifestyles/ethnicities and how society portrays me and how that can affect me.

Restore Her

This entire entry is based on climate change and global warming. Now we are reaching points where we are worsening the amount of carbon in our air by deforestation, we are ruining animals habitats such as the polar bears in the arctic, and weather patterns just keep on getting more and more unpredictable. I portray our earth in all her glory, plants and flowers adorning her hair. Water and our oceans that make up her skin. Although her face is cracked off, we have the part of the earth we still have yet to save and then the part we have lost to our own selfishness.

My Body, Your Choice

I wanted to make a piece focusing on the recent events of the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court. I wanted to make a piece as a reminder of why this is so dangerous and affects every woman in the US and to also remind people that these laws on women’s bodies are made by people who don’t take into consideration the difficult decisions women sometimes have to make and may have no experience with having a reproductive system.