Teens and Opioids

Mental health is affected by drugs. Decided to focus on opioid use since we had the lesson plan on them but figured most people have heard of it but don’t know the facts.

Drugs and Youth

We have been doing this TikTok videos for a while at school about dumb stuff and when approached by our ITC Advisor to do this we figured it would be fun and easy. Drugs are a problem, we don’t have access to our restrooms because of the problem.

It’s Up To Us

It’s Up To Us defines the responsibility youth have to help their peers understand the issues surrounding opioid crisis. Knowing what you’re facing and how to respond to it can be the difference between life and death. The leadership students at David A Brown have committed to reaching the youth of California by presenting this important information from their hearts in hopes that they can save a life. It matters because everyone matters.


My submission relates to the required criteria because I start with a simple drum beat and add more to make it sound like a whole song/riff and then I have captions that say just like adding more than one sound to make a beat completely different. You can be more than one friend, son/daughter, or somebody that helps others in need to make them feel like they are more than one.

Proud to be Different

My entry is about students at my school and the diversity that we have. We are all different and we are proud of it. We are “more than one” but we are still together and we support each other.

The Way Of Music – Who is She TBH

“My video is about music and the way that music can bring hope to others. The meaning of music for me is it can make you express what you want to feel. The fact that music can just make you fall into it. Also, music can help just by listening to it you can just get into it without thinking you are. You can overanalyze every word you hear in music. If you feel down you can just drown every single one of your feelings in lyrics. If you need someone to comfort you can use music to help with your comfort you. The meaning is it can help with your feeling and it can change your mood however you want to take it. Music can be a way to talk without using your own words.”

Goals for 2023

“In my film, I talk about my hopes and goals for 2023. I include my own personal goals, my hopes for my loved ones, and my hopes for my community.”

Let’s restart.

“Now that 2023 has officially started, it gives us yet another chance to start over, and what we can do in order to better ourselves for the new year. As they say, “new year, new me”, it is time to prove it, and the time starts now. I wanted to share this animation to show that with another chance and a good mindset, anything can be achieved. Better to do it now than later before time catches up. I wish all a happy new year!”

Goals for 2023

“In this film, I talk about my three goals for the new year.”