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Our video is meant to support students in making positive choices and seeking support from others

May 2024 Snap, Filter & Swipe

This entry is made by one our youths from the Eastern African Community of San Diego. In the Video they, the youth member portrays what it’s like to view oneself from a negative view based of the today’s social media standards. However, the Youth in the video switches scripts and starts providing positive affirmation and focuses on social media from a positive lens.

Turning the Page

We want viewers to be able to relate to the film, but our true goal was to share and express the feeling of overcoming a hard time in life and to share hope through a personal story. We just have to keep that hope alive no matter what.

Always There For You

“Always There for You” demonstrates the importance of noticing changes in friends that may be related to mental health, as well the power of connecting a friend with a trusted adult who can help.

I Can

This inspiring film centers on a high school senior struggling with mental health and thoughts of suicide. After realizing she cannot handle it alone, the student reaches out to her friends who help her get the support she needs to keep going.

First Step

“First Step” explores a variety of different students as they are faced with the depression. Each student begins to overcome adversity in their own way and takes that first step to get help.

The Cycle

This film is about a high school student stuck in a cycle of negative thinking, leading to low self-esteem, jealousy of others, and anti-social behavior. Fortunately, a text from a friend shares mental health resources, all the while reassuring him that others care.

It Can Be Scary…

“It Can be Scary‚Ķ” follows a teen navigating the difficult scenario of reaching out to a friend he’s worried about, thereby empowering audiences to do the same.