Helping Hand

It’s about this young adult named Deangelo who’s experiencing depression. He pushes people away not wanting to waste people’s time and believes he probably deserves to experience these symptoms. There’s a realization towards the end that changes this. It relates back to the required content since it goes over mental health and what many people experience. This feeling of self doubt in yourself or feeling as if your not important. No one should have to feel that way.

It all starts with you

This is a story about how a girl’s bestfriend began to notice that she started acting strangely and unlike anything he has ever seen before but starts to realize that he can connect the signs she is giving to those of which who are suicidal.

Reach Out

My animation, “Reach Out”, is about a person reaching out to another person who is in a dark place due to stresses and anxieties, and brings them into the light and good of the world. I drew this animation because one thing I want to see more of in the world is people reaching out to others just checking if their okay. As humans, it is our nature to just stay centered around ourselves, but in reality we need each other to make things work, and one way we can help others is just by checking in on others, and asking them if they are okay.

You’re Not Alone

Millions of teens, including many at our own school, struggle with their mental health and we want to tell them that they are not alone. With this video, we want to rid the stigma that surrounds mental health problems, and let them know that they are entitled to all the support they can get. The monthly prompt was taking action for mental health, so we showed a few actions that individuals can do, and listed additional resources to support them.

Taking Action

Our film submission is all about taking action for mental health. The opening scene includes the lime green ribbon which is the symbol for mental health month. We feel that when our classmates are suffering, we need to take action to help them get the help they need.

ADHD? We can help

A high school student struggling with ADHD discovers a support group that is able to help him. ADHD

is portrayed as a physical person to represent the student’s changing attention span.

Reaching Beyond

In this entry our video shows you the importance of reaching out (like the title suggests) and follows the story of a boy who on the outside seams happy but only him and the people who care about him know his true feelings and intentions and in so leads to a point which things get so bad but before anything bad can happen to him his friends step in teaching us its better to always reach out.

Our Effect on the Environment

I chose this category because I wanted to share to people that earth is our only home and that we really need to help our planet and its environment if we want to continue on as a species.

5 Easy Ways You Can Save The Earth

We chose this category because we care about the environment and have witnessed the effects a dirty environment can have on people, animals, and all other ecosystems. We have also wanted to learn more about changes we can make without completely altering our lives or spending money we don’t have.