“”Wisdom” shares my most personal and genuine reason for wearing a mask. During the pandemic, I live with my grandparents. They were pretty much my mom and dad for a big chunk of my life and sacrificed a lot in attempts to give me a normal, carefree childhood. As former healthcare workers, they’re always happy Wisdom

We Can See Hope

“We CAN See hope. This project was completed 100% virtually with all students/teachers online. We wanted to express what this past year has held within education and how all of us can still see HOPE. This is their reality, and with the help from their community and state, they can succeed. Mental Health Matters to We Can See Hope


“This is a PSA targeted at disaffected young people encouraging them to get involved politically and to vote. It discusses why people should vote and become involved in politics, even if they don’t like politics. I worked on the Bernie 2020 campaign for a little less than a year, and in my time canvassing and VOTE

The AAPI Narrative

“This is a PSA about fighting for justice for Asian American and Pacific Islanders. With the increased tensions toward AAPI communities during COVID-19, hate crimes and anti-Asian sentiments have increased rapidly. This PSA sends the message that the AAPI communities need to stand up and use this attention and speak their stories and take back The AAPI Narrative