A film about the personal experience of a transgender youth navigating an often hostile and unhelpful society, and the impact this has on thier mental health.

Dear Diary

A youth writes in a diary about her mental health and her hopes for the year before she turns 16.

Breaking Your Trust

A girl notices warning signs of suicide in her friend, and seeks help for her from a trusted adult.

Not an Adjective

A film about the misunderstandings about OCD, and one youth’s experience with her diagnosis.

First Step

Two youths recognize symptoms of anixety and depression within themselves, and take the difficult but ultimately rewarding first step to get help.

Missing Kids of Color Diary PSA

Inspired by the tv show ‘Moesha,’ a youth narrates thier diary entry, discussing the issue of kids and teens of color who get kidnapped or taken everyday and the lack of news coverage or action.


A film discussing mental health and emotions with a creative use of painted fingerprints.

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me depicts 3 young students writing a letter of encouragement to their future self. In the letter, each student talks about the challenges of their teenage years such as facing discrimination, name calling, and overcoming color barriers.

Call Me

This films encourages a young person who is experiencing a tough time to call on other people for support. The film shows a multitude of different people saying “call me” and ends with a creative transition to call the Suicide Prevention Crisis Line.