What is Mental Health

Our shoes

Four students talk about what it feels like to “walk in their shoes” in this film, which offers a message that help is always available.

Half Court To Health

The filmmakers shared, “Our video talks about how to prevent mental health issues, ways to help them, signs that you or another person may be dealing with them, and people to trust when dealing with these things. “

Why It Matters

A film that expresses the challenges that middle school students face when coping with mental health issues and and the message that the mental health of each student matters.


A film about how mental health challenges can permeate all aspects of life, but that help and hope is always there.

It’s ok to ask for help

A film about what mental health is and how to get help for yourself or another person who is going through a mental health challenge.

Monsters of Mental Health

A youth experiences anxiety, personified as a monster, but seeks therapy with a friend’s help. More youth join to share their own diagnosis and the message, “you are not alone.”

Life In Color

A film about how opening up to others and how using available resources can bring color back to one’s life.

How to Help a Friend in Need

An animated film which shares tips about how to be supportive of a friend who is struggling such as using encouraging words, and how to seek help from a trusted adult.

My Life

A boy is diagnosed with ADHD, feels alone and is struggling in school until he reaches out for help and starts to see the light.