Take Action for Mental Health

Too Faced

My art shows that even if someone looks happy all the time, they aren’t. You just need to look deeper not just see what you want to.

“When the world can be yours”

When the world can be yours, art projects allowed the creators of these projects to use visual, logical, and social-interpersonal learning styles to capture the attention of the Ramona High School students and, more importantly, to promote Mental Health dialogue among one another.

This Art Project required a great deal of internal reflection and dialogue to consider how to voice the concerns of our RAMS and how to reassure others that it’s truly okay to ask for help.

Thinking of you

I choose this category because i have stress and even sometimes feel sad i want to bring awareness to such a topic like this.


I put a lot of effort and thought process into this piece because it honestly meant a lot to me especially when I was going through a lot of things and only had myself to go too. I have learned that I am not alone and which caused my mental health to get better and better when I learned to talk it out with the right people that’s why this piece meant a lot to me and why I put so much effort into it because I know I’m not the only one who struggles with their mental health.

Faces of Anxiety

I chose this category for my painting because it’s a mental disorder that I suffer through a lot and tends to affect how I act when being social which having social anxiety can be a struggle. I also chose it because it’s a common mental disorder, and it can affect many people.

Why Do I Feel Like This?

When I made this work, I learned and realized a few things. One of the things that I learned is that people can be afraid of asking “Why do I feel like this?” They could be scared to address their mental health. They could also be scared of reaching out or trying to understand what they’re feeling. I realized that I relate to this because I sometimes avoid or ignore my mental health problems even though I shouldn’t. I wanted this project to feel relatable and to make a viewer realize that they could be ignoring their problems and then try to start addressing them.

you’re not alone

I chose this category because I’ve suffered from mental health problems. To me it was really scary feeling what i was feeling alone which caused me to almost hide and neglect my feelings as well as self worth. I love how directing change decided to add this as the monthly prompt because it’s something I’m passionate about. With the isolation everyone has felt during covid i believe it’s essential to spread awareness about this issue. Another thing that really impacted my art piece was the idea of adding a positive note. Instead of just showing something depressing I wanted to add something(like the green ribbon metaphor) in a way that’s up beat and helpful.

#Reach Out for Help

When I first heard about the monthly prompt, it first reminded me of how we use social media or texting. Nowadays, a lot of people use hashtags (#) in their social media to share their thoughts about things like Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate protests. So, I thought that it would be great to use the hashtag #takeaction4MH to help others who need help with mental health problems.

Light At the End of a Tunnel

I like this film because it’s a good way on how to tell people how to raise your happiness. We love making films.

Speaking on Mental Health

I’m Schylar Johnson. I enjoyed working on the camera for this film , I choose this topic because EVERYONE struggles with mental health even just by a little bit .