Suicide Prevention

Always There For You

“Always There for You” demonstrates the importance of noticing changes in friends that may be related to mental health, as well the power of connecting a friend with a trusted adult who can help.

I Can

This inspiring film centers on a high school senior struggling with mental health and thoughts of suicide. After realizing she cannot handle it alone, the student reaches out to her friends who help her get the support she needs to keep going.

It Can Be Scary…

“It Can be Scary‚Ķ” follows a teen navigating the difficult scenario of reaching out to a friend he’s worried about, thereby empowering audiences to do the same.

Take Action as a Friend

“Take Action as a Friend” seeks to illustrate the qualities of healthy friendships and their importance to youth mental health.

Family Matters

“Family Matters” depicts mental health challenges and the process of getting help from the perspective of a foster youth.

Reach Out

This film combines archival footage and visual effects to tell a story about the value of a life. In doing so, the film also spreads awareness of available resources and encourages those struggling with suicidal thoughts not to lose hope.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask…

In this film, a teen recognizes that her older sister has become irritable, withdrawn, and hopeless, and has lost interest in tending her flowers. Even though it is uncomfortable, she asks her sister if she is thinking about suicide and helps connect her with a counselor.

See The Signs

This personal film is about a girl who faces mental health challenges after moving and changing schools. With the help of a counselor, she begins to feel better.

I Can’t Go Yet

This film seeks to spread awareness of the fact that it can sometimes be hard to see whether someone is dealing with suicidal thoughts and that even small acts of kindness can have a large impact on someone who is struggling.

See the Signs

“See the Signs” sheds light on some possible warning signs for suicide and offers support to those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.