Suicide Prevention


A youth displays warning signs of suicide, including anger and isolation, so a friend steps in to provide the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and offers to connect him with a trusted adult.

We’ve Never Been Closer

A youth reflects on how he realized his friend needed help and discusses his decision to reach out to his friend’s mom about his concerns.

Just Listen

After noticing changes in a friend who recently lost his older brother, a youth connects him with their coach for help.

There’s always someone

While struggling with thoughts of suicide, a youth receives a text checking in on her, which helps her feel seen.

Truth Heals

This film encourages youth to be honest about their mental health struggles and symptoms and shows how it can be an important first step to getting help.

Preventing Suicide

Reminds viewers that it’s important to take suicidal thoughts seriously and to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to get help for yourself or a loved one.

Talking Helps

A girl experiences cyberbullying on social media, so her friend asks her directingly if she has been thinking of suicide and offers to go to a counselor.

Depression’s Fuel

An artistic depiction of the isolation and emotions experienced by a youth with thoughts of suicide, which offers .

Despues de la tormenta

A Spanish-language film sharing the thoughts and emotions of a youth with thoughts of suicide, as well as a messaging of hope.

With Hands, We Connect

Reminds viewers the importance of checking in on friends, and that there are many trusted adults who can help those experiencing suicidal thoughts.