Suicide Prevention

Dear Diary

A youth writes in a diary about her mental health and her hopes for the year before she turns 16.

Breaking Your Trust

A girl notices warning signs of suicide in her friend, and seeks help for her from a trusted adult.

Call Me

This films encourages a young person who is experiencing a tough time to call on other people for support. The film shows a multitude of different people saying “call me” and ends with a creative transition to call the Suicide Prevention Crisis Line.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s a heartwarming story about someone who has thoughts of suicide, but they get help they need through someone who was willing to listen.

Dear Best Friend

The intent of our film is to remind people that we should be aware of suicide along with the feelings of others. We hope our film is able to convey a lack of awareness about how other people may be feeling. Some people may be feeling alone and show signs of depression but others may see it as miss behaving.

Love Wins

LQBTQ students communicate the importance of reaching out and seeking help, that you are not alone.

Me is You

Language: Hmong with English subtitles
A Hmong boy tells his story of depression and encourages viewers to move forward and seek help.

The World Is Better With You In It

Arianna and Aileen are aware of many suicidal ideations. They wanted to share the message that even if sometimes we are in a dark place, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can overcome any issue when you feel lost. Speaking out and accepting support will lead you to a positive life and can change your future. The willingness of being open to sharing so others can listen can do so much. The world is better with you in it and we want you to know everyone matters.