A New Hope

This film that shares the experiences of students returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep Swimming

“This film is meant to capture an experience and feeling shared by many when transitioning back to a normal schedule. Change is uncomfortable, even if it’s for the better.”

The Way it Was

“When tasked with recalling their childhoods, two teegers struggle to see the value in the future. With working together, overcoming adversity, and starting meaningful conversations, they find what ‘hope’ is to them.”

What Gives You Hope

“Our submission is a TikTok that shows an array of people speaking about what gives them hope in their everyday lives.”

Warm Embrace

“Warm Embrace is an artwork I created where there are two people coming together for a hug and there is a caring moment between the two.”

The Eyes

“My piece is about the feeling of vulnerability and social anxiety, about how it feels for me when I try to pass off that I’m fine and how I feel like anything I do, people will judge me, as if all eyes are on me.”

The Golden Fields

“The meaning of the piece represents prejudice and stereotypes always following the individual in the portrait, the individual being Hispanic and Latino. Instead of letting these stereotypes control their life the person keeps walking through the twists and turns of life’s road.”

Growing Flower Tree

“During the transition of coming back to school (in-person), I felt I lost my sense of balance which set me and my plants to wilt and burn a bit. Something that helped me bring back hope for the future was speaking affirmative words and phrases before leaving home and starting anything new.”

The Student Support System

“My idea focuses on an advantage of returning to school- the ability to connect with friends, and the support and relief friends can provide.”

broken glass

“The glass represents things falling apart and shattering but also being free and the toys relate back to a time when one was a child. My world feels like there isn’t the rule of gravity to hold it down in place but everything is in its own motion choosing to go whichever way it pleases.”