Don’t Lose Sight of Hope

The poem provides ideas and insight on ways you can find hope in dark times. It advises readers to never stop searching for hope and that the reader is not alone.

Redefined Hope

This film shares students’ renewed hopes for the future as they reflect on adapting to changes from the pandemic.

New Beginning

A film about accepting and growing from change, which can be difficult to cope with, but can also bring new opportunities.

Social Distancing with Trigonometry

The submission uses mathematics to determine a way to measure the appropriate social distance of six feet. More precisely, it utilizes trigonometry to determine the angle of vision required when two equal height individuals are six feet away and looking at each other.

Six Feet Apart

This film shares the importance of social distancing and ways to connect during the pandemic.

Creative Social Distancing

“My entry is for the monthly October Hope and Justice Prompt. My entry is about some ways we could identify 6 feet and social distance creatively. It is a 59 second animation.”