My Reason for Voting


“As an upcoming voter, I feel as if the responsibility to fulfill my civic duty of voting and remaining informed on pertinent issues has only grown exponentially in the past months. For many young women like me, Ruth Bader Ginsberg was an intellectual role-model who paved the way for the continuation of gender equality; for young women like me, Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a hero. Voting, to me, means fighting to uphold the gains bought by those before us and continuing the battle towards what we believe is right. Therefore, I created this oil painting in Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s honor as a homage to her reputation as the “Notorious RBG”. I hope that by voting, I can create a future that this former Supreme Court justice could have only envisioned.”

Calling YOU to Vote

A student explains the history of voting and the importance of casting your ballot on election day.