More Than One

Frida Khalo

My art entry is a picture that honors Frida Kahlo. She was really special because even though she had a lot of problems when she was young, she grew up to be a famous artist. My picture shows how amazing she was and how she showed that you can be many things at once. I want people to see my picture and feel inspired to be proud of who they are, no matter what challenges they face.

Infinite Possibilities-No Limits

In my drawing the infinity symbol represents endless possibilities. The different sketches illustrate that I’m a complex person that cannot easily be defined within some limit or boundary. For example, it is often said that girls don’t go camping or hiking, but I choose to live beyond those labels.

Colors of Mexico

To start off with My name is Aylee Martinez and I chose to use canva and I decided to show on my project the even if your Any different culture or race that you shouldn’t try to be any different race or culture just because you’re in embarrassed.So,I wanted to show that even if any race,you’re not Alone because there is many more people with your race around the world.Lastly,My project shows that My race is being Mexican and that I’m not ashamed to be an Mexican because I should be Proud of my culture and Race,but what I’m trying to show is that you should always be proud of your race and culture as well to not think what other people are saying.

Helping Hand

My entry relates back to the required content submission criteria because it shows and represents how no matter who you are there will always be a helping hand by your side and you are never alone. Its shows that people can join together and be more than one.

Into the Eye

My entry shows that I am from more than one country and that I am unique in my very own way. Looking into the eye symbolizes that if you get to know someone and their personality, you can get to know their history and where they’re from. My eye shows that I am from Germany, Wales, Jamaica, and America.

I Am A

This shows more than one thing about myself.

Who I am

Presented in front raised off the canvas i have drawn a representation of me and who others perceive me to be in black and white. I look dull and lifeless with a stoic face and almost bored expression. the color represents me and who i am. both the fluidness of the color showing my gender and sexualitity being fluid and not something one expects. The different colors and their symbolism illustrate the meanings of what people think of me after they’ve gotten to know me the colors and the textures i bring out to them about who i am to them and what makes me me. this relates back to the prompt as to my pride as well as how i feel empowered in myself is by the encouragement of those around me while keeping in mind the don’t judge a book by its cover.

You’ll Help Me Carry On

My submission represents how as an Asian American it can sometimes be hard when you hear about all the Asian hate going around. This photo shows how even when the world seems dark, I know that there is always someone who will stand with me.

1’s and 0’s

This submission is saying that you don’t have to be like everyone else, and you are not like everyone else. Every single person in the world is different. Why would you like to be like everyone else when you could be more than one.

Beyond the Silhouette

As the shadows in the image show, on the outside we are all very similar, we all look like the same silhouettes with just simple differences. But sometimes it is important to look beyond what unites everyone and instead look at what sets us apart from the world. Whether it be culture, gender, sexuality, or something else entirely, there are ways we identify ourselves every day. And while these things might set us apart from everyone they also bring us closer to those who share the same identification factors, allowing us to build communities and families with those with who we can connect and relate to.