Mental Health Hero

Coach Veronica’s Journey

In our entry, we showcase the story of a high school water polo coach and her journey with mental health. Coach Veronica reveals her past struggles in battling her mental health issues with depression and ADHD and how water polo became a sanctuary for her. The tight-knit community of teammates helped support Coach Veronica through her struggles, and as she soon realized the impact that an uplifting community has on an athlete’s mental health, she became empowered to create a supportive environment for the next generation of water-polo athletes. Veronica has not only powered through her own struggles, but has taken her experiences and learned values to create an environment that is supportive for others as well.

A Brick Wall

My film talks who my mental heath hero is and why they helped me.

Her Light

This category reminded me of my auntie Melea and I wanted to take it as a chance to honor her.

My Hero

I am lucky. There are so many people around me that I consider to be a hero, but the one that helps me the most mentally and physically is my mother. She is everything to me, and always has been. I know that I will always need her, and I’m thankful that she is my Mental Health Hero.

The Hero in You

This piece is a poem that shows how a person’s negative feelings only dig them deeper. but I also wanted to show that our confidence and our positivity lifts us even higher. I wanted to show everyone that we are our own heroes, even when we don’t feel like it.

Your Own Stories

I have a friend who is always upbeat and radiates positivity; she is a person who makes everyone around her feel good. She not only supports and consoles me but also those friends around her when they are unhappy; in my eyes, she is a mental health hero who will always be there to encourage and listening to everyone. But one day I recognized that my friend, the sweet girl who was always smiling and happy, was not as strong and positive as she appeared to me and other friends. I eventually realized that her wonderful attributes and cheery demeanor were all masks she had made to disguise the darkness inside of her. My friend is currently suffering from depression and is undergoing psychological treatment. Now, her condition has improved, and she is beginning to open up more in sharing her struggles with friends and me.

My Voice

My hero is my voice. It’s powerful, supported me through everything. With my voice I was able to influence good for everyone who surrounded me. Your true authentic voice demands to be heard, and once you unleash it, things will never be as they were before.

Save Yourself

I decided to write about this entry because I think it’s important to have plenty of awareness towards mental health. I found it a bit easy to write about this since my community brings a lot of awareness to mental health and tries to help us with it by providing resources for us. I tried to convey a message that could inspire others if they’re ever in a poor mental state, and to let them know that even though they might be struggling, they can still be their own hero even in the darkest of their times.


This piece represents my mental health hero in multiple ways. Within my piece I wanted to show the feeling of being alone without the realization of someone waiting to catch you. At the top of the page my character has to wake up to the struggles of reality. As my character falls she becomes intertwined with the words of others, but as she continues to dive downward, patiently awaiting below is the warm hands of my mom. The increase of clothing represents the growing comfort and safety I feel when I’m with my mom. The artwork I’ve created is both original and personal. I hope you also find this piece to be relatable to your everyday life.

La Mia Famiglia

I wanted to depict a happy family because the minute you are born and brought into this world, the people that will always be there for you no matter what is your parents. For me, family means the world. I come from an Italian background, and with that come people who are always there willing to love, help, and support me. My family always wants me to reach for the stars. They told me that I can achieve anything in life and that they will always be by my side.