The Scapegoated Minority

My piece shows a group of Asian Americans that are real people who have been victims of hate crimes in the U.S – both victims who have died, and those that have survived, in a courtroom in front of a judge depicted to be ignorant and dismissive of their injustice. Alongside the table are the excuses made in the courtroom to make it seem like hate crimes are just a normal thing for Asians and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Asian Americans are not always protected in the legal system and are sometimes ignored and Asian hate is not deemed as important enough to have a case.

Justice for Everyone

‘Justice for Everyone’ was inspired by the idea of breaking through racial prejudice, using broken glass to symbolize what we see and what some ignore. The crashed window symbolizes an opening, breaking with past injustice, the wall of life crushed and the pieces falling from the window are no longer as important as coming together as people. The bright yellow center is the hope of all people respecting each other’s rights regardless of their mental health status, race, or thoughts. The wristband they are wearing represents what they are supporting. There are some people supporting mental health by wearing wristbands with the hotline for mental health, someone supporting black lives, hope, and stop for hate crimes.It is about the diversity of people uniting together and demonstrating justice for everyone.

sySTEMic- Chien-Shiung Wu

My illustration depicts “The First Lady of Physics”, Chien-Shiung Wu, as well as Tsung-Dao Lee and Yang-Chen Ning, two figures with significant contributions to parity violation. These individuals made a crucial contribution to physics by disproving the law of conservation of parity, outlining that the laws of physics must remain the same for two systems that are mirror images of each other. Lee, Ning and Wu all contributed to the conclusion that parity could not be assumed in all instances, particularly in weak interactions, however only Ning and Lee walked away with a Nobel Prize in Physics. Using the idea of two mirrored images behaving differently, I illustrated how the scientists were all crucial to the experiment, but only Lee and Ning were recognized/reflected. Wu would receive a Wolf Prize several years after the experiment, but it is no doubt that her contributions to parity violation were overlooked, exemplifying the gender bias that has been fostered not only in STEM, but also across the globe for several years. Wu was not only an incredible physicist, but also an advocate for equality in STEM, questioning if “…the tiny atoms and nuclei, or the mathematical symbols, or the DNA molecules have any preference for either masculine or feminine treatment” (Chien-Shiung Wu at MIT, 1964). Such instances of injustice can easily be excused as things of the past, but it is crucial that we acknowledge how gender discrimination has, and still does, prevail in the world.

Missing Kids of Color Diary PSA

Inspired by the tv show ‘Moesha,’ a youth narrates thier diary entry, discussing the issue of kids and teens of color who get kidnapped or taken everyday and the lack of news coverage or action.

The Need for Lady Justice

In this piece I wanted to depict Lady Justice “looking” upon earth. Since Lady Justice is an important symbol used across the earth, I wanted to illustrate the aura of fairness, opportunity and justice that she exhibits. As people fight for justice across the world they look towards the symbol of Lady Liberty in their fight and I feel as though this is an important concept that deserves to be showcased.

Sy(STEM)ic Sexism- Rosalind Franklin

My entry follows the situation of Rosalind Franklin, a popular instance of the Matilda effect.

Rosalind Franklin was a woman who made exceptional contributions to the discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA. Her utilization of X-ray crystallography was arguably the most important key regarding the discovery, however, it wasn’t until recently that her name became widespread.

Black Lives Matter

I wrote this poem after the murder of George Floyd and the rise in the Black Lives Matter movements across the US. I decided to write a poem because it is a very expressive form of literal arts. When writing essays, we are always taught to be formal and objective, but in this poem I was able to write about the frustration and anger I felt, but also the admiration and hope I have for the Black Lives Matter movement without any repression of my words.

The Mermaids Sickened Sea

My artwork is inspired by the overwhelming pollution in the ocean that affects the life of sea animals. In my artwork you can see a mermaid looking solemnly into what has become of her ocean now filled with pollution and trash. The sea animals come to her for her aid as they have been affected by the oceans conditions.

Mask Up!

Throughout the nearly two years that this pandemic has taken place, it has become very clear that wearing masks has been life-saving. If we all wear our masks correctly, we can end this pandemic.

The subject looks strongly straight at the viewer as if to say “You can do this too.”